Don’t Skip Breakfast: Try This Green Smoothie Bowl!

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In terms of nutritional advice, there’s one top tip that I believe to be impossible to argue with: have a breakfast of champions. It doesn’t have to the biggest, most elaborate meal, but whether you’re off to a work out, taking on a busy day at work, or just chilling, a good breakfast sets you up to make the most out of the day ahead. Breakfast wakes you up, kickstarts your metabolism and gives you a reason to get out of bed on even the darkest winter days.

Becoming A Breakfast Believer

I have to admit that there was a time when breakfast was not the top of my priority list. When I woke up, give me a strong cup of coffee and I could power through until lunch. The problem with not eating became readily apparent as soon as I started to exercise in the morning. I lacked the energy to really enjoy the workout, instead it lead to mentally pushing and punishing myself to carry on, when my body was screaming no. Not only this, but I would spend the rest of the day feeling lethargic and famished, eating everything and anything in sight.

Admittedly, even now, I’ll often wake up late and dash to a class, opting to get (a huge) breakfast afterwards. However, I have tried to change my routine so I usually wake up and eat, and never hold out and gorge at lunch, which in turn has revolutionized the way I feel.

The most important aspect of training yourself to love breakfast is to find ways to get excited about the meal. Once you start eating big breakfasts, you’ll start to wake up hungry, and there is no better feeling than knowing the perfect way to feed that hunger! Figure out what works for you: some people love a cooked breakfast, and others crave fresh fruit in the morning, both of which can be nutritious and set you up for the day ahead — whatever it may hold!

I will continue to post my favourite breakfast recipes, from light meals like this delicious smoothie bowl, to my all time favourite weekend brunch recipes, eggs royale on rye and blueberry banana pancakes anyone? On a side note, there is some serious evidence indicating that the presentation of a meal has a considerable affect on the way that it tastes. So go ahead, make your breakfast beautiful, and reap the benefits all day long.

Going Green Smoothie Bowl

Making smoothie bowls are the best way to enjoy the nutritional benefits of a smoothie, whilst still feeling like your eating breakfast, rather than settling for a drink. Adding oats means the breakfast will keep you satisfied for the whole morning. Essentially this recipe is a kind of summer porridge, with some added toppings for texture, added nutritional value, and it taste delicious! Play around with the toppings, I love banana hearts (instructions below), but sprinkle whichever fruits, nuts or seeds you fancy on the day!


1 frozen banana (peel before freezing)
½ a frozen mango, cut into chunks (cut and peel before freezing)
Large handful of spinach
1 tbsp. coconut oil
3 tbsp. oats
3 tbsp. soya yogurt

Half a banana (cut into hearts)
Goji berries
Flax seeds
Pumpkin seeds

Why not also try…
– Granola
– Fresh fruit
– Coconut chips
– Flaked almonds
– Peanut butter
– Cacao nibs


  1. Place all of the smoothie ingredients in your blender (I love my nutribullet but any reasonably powerful blender will do the trick!)
  2. Blend until smooth, before pouring into a bowl
  3. Top with an array of fruit and nuts to taste!

BONUS: How To Make Banana Hearts

  1. Cut the banana into around 3 chunks
  2. Cut a V shape into each chunk
  3. Cut down the two diagonal sides (from above it should look like a heart)
  4. Turn the chunks on their sides and slice
  5. Top your smoothie bowl!

(This also works on the side of jam jars glasses if you stick the banana hearts to the inside glass and then carefully fill the jar with your smoothie- perfect for a beautiful breakfast on the go!)

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