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Interview: Illustrator & Yogi Ché Dyer on Her Surprise Lockdown Pregnancy

Ché (pronounced Shay) Dyer is a South African creative powerhouse – a blogger, illustrator, yoga teacher and mother-to-be. She’s also a YogaLondon graduate (yay!) who tells us all about her super-romantic engagement story and how falling pregnant in lockdown has changed her whole outlook on her work/life balance.  1. How did you get into yoga?

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Shoulder Understanding
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The Yoga Teacher’s Guide to the Shoulder Muscles

Our scapula, or shoulder blade, glides around on the chest wall allowing the complex movements that we use in our asana. It plays a vital role in keeping the scapula firmly fixed on the chest wall. Here is how to activate, strengthen and make the most of this important muscle in your classes. The When and

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What You Need to Know About Yoga Nidra

Imagine yourself floating, as if weightless, through calm waters. Now imagine you’re suspended somewhere in that place of conscious recognition just before you fall asleep – that sensation of complete physical surrender and of total relaxation is what Yoga Nidra is all about. What is Yoga Nidra? Yoga Nidra (pronounced yoh-gah nee-drah) is also known as

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Leave Comfort

5 Reasons To Leave The Comfort Zone Behind For Good

What’s on your list of dislikes? Pineapple on pizza, delayed trains or endless queuing? Would you go so far to say you hate those things? In this article on dveṣha, or aversion, we examine why those things that you resist might be the very things you need to embrace to find true freedom and peace.

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Beginner’s Guide
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Yoga, Tartan and Buttocks: Meet Kilted Yogi, Finlay Wilson

When Kilted Yoga hit YouTube in February this year, life changed for Finlay Wilson, the 30-year-old yoga teacher whose idea it was, and whose tartan-clad buttocks it stars.Besides almost instant internet fame – views hit 17million within a day, and are currently over 52million – the video has spawned some exciting new developments for Wilson. He

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