Depression treatment
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Yoga Proven to Treat Depression

New research is bringing yoga one step closer to becoming a medically recommended treatment for depression. Findings show that yoga practice can help reduce symptoms of the condition, which is one of the most common mental health disorders in the United States and worldwide, with around 16.1 million American adults alone experiencing at least one […]

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Risking practice

Practising on the Edge: Should We Really Be Doing It?

Practising on the edge. For those of you old enough to remember, the Edge used to refer to the lead guitarist of U2 (Showing my age? Perhaps!), but for those of us in the yoga world, the edge means something entirely different. Practising on the edge is a relatively recent term in yoga. It refers

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‘The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters’

The yoga of finding joy in the midst of suffering. The capacity to feel joy is a gift we all possess. You only need hear a baby laugh to know that the ability to be joyful is a natural and innate thing. But, life being life, we all inevitably go through periods where we can

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Pranayama Thread

Pranayama: The Silken Thread

Most people learn early in their yoga journey that pranayama, the fourth of the eight limbs of yoga, refers to breathing exercises. This definition works to begin with, but it is not the full story. Let’s unpack some key concepts to paint a more complete picture, shall we? Let’s Start With The Breath We are

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Yoga Medicine
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Yoga As Medicine?

As mental health issues become more prevalent in our fast-paced society, many UK doctors are warming up to embracing yoga as a powerfully healing modality. Has it finally been given the kudos it deserves by Western medicine? We look at the huge potential of yoga being offered as a mainstream health practice in the treatment of conditions

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