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If you know Yoga, then you NEED to know Mysuru

On June 21, Indian yogis made international headlines when 54,101 of them practiced together on Mysuru’s Race Course to celebrate International Yoga Day for the third time. Whilst it didn’t quite make a world record, it has put Mysuru on the yoga map for more yogis than ever before. Where is Mysuru? Mysuru, otherwise known

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Back Pain Relief
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Yoga For Lower Back Pain: It May Be As Good As Physiotherapy

Yoga may be about as good as physiotherapy for treating lower back pain, according to a new study published in a major medical journal. The results of the long-term study, which involved a large and racially diverse group of participants, come as welcome scientific support for using yoga as a therapy for back pain. Whilst

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Teacher Toolkit
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The Importance of Finding the Right Yoga Teacher

What are the important relationships in our lives? Our other halves, our parents, our children, our besties – but what about the student-teacher relationship? How important is that? According to ancient Indian culture, the relationship between a Guru and a shishya (disciple) is a very special one, even transcending the bond between parent and child,

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‘The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters’

The yoga of finding joy in the midst of suffering. The capacity to feel joy is a gift we all possess. You only need hear a baby laugh to know that the ability to be joyful is a natural and innate thing. But, life being life, we all inevitably go through periods where we can

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Yoga prescription

Is Yoga A Good Alternative To HRT For Menopausal Women?

Last year, the Daily Mail claimed that menopause makes life a misery for a quarter of women and that 20% of women have taken time off work due to the symptoms of menopause. Your doctor can prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), but with concerns about this treatment being raised over the last decade or so, it’d

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Christian Yoga
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Ohm my God! Christian Yoga Causes Controversy

While science has been championing the positive effects that yoga can bring to the mind and body, religion seems to be following suit, with Christians making yoga good for their souls, too. The first “Christian Yoga” emerged in a book of that title, which was published in 1960, but it has taken some decades to

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