Svadisthana: The Sacral Chakra

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If I asked you who you were, your answer would probably start with the words “I am…” followed by descriptive terms such as your age group, job title, family set-up, where you live and what you like to do. We are programmed to give expected answers to that question and we cherry-pick the responses we want others to hear. But sometimes the answer burning in each of us to the question “who are you?” is “I don’t really know.”

Overview of Svadisthana

The orange chakra is called Svadisthana which means ‘where you reside’. It is positioned just below the belly button and governs our self-expression, our creativity and reproduction: the nurturing and creative side of us. Not to be confused with sexual instinct which is governed by the root chakra. The sacral chakra is our deep, knowing sense of “I AM”. It’s not a shopping list of achievements and job titles, it’s who we really are on a soul level, a creative being.

We’ve talked about energy, or prana before. At any point in our lives our chakras can become blocked, over-stimulated or just a bit sluggish and this can manifest as an imbalance. Alternative therapies work directly on the energy flow around any physical, mental or emotional issues to boost the energy and restore balance, and by doing so, the symptoms disappear without being directly treated.

Sacral Chakra Fast Facts

Position: Just below the Navel
Colour: Orange
Petals: Six
Related Element:
Metal: Tin
Musical Note:
Mantra: VAM
Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Vanadinite
Senses: Taste
Essential Oils: Neroli, Melissa, Jasmine
Yoga Poses:
Warrior 2, Reverse Triangle, Extended Side Angle Pose

When Svadisthana is Imbalanced

By recognising the tell-tale signs of a chakra imbalance you can take steps to restore the energy flow yourself. When the sacral chakra is strong we are able to express ourselves well, we enjoy varied creative pursuits, we love, laugh and dance through life, we know who we really are and we are surrounded by mutually supportive relationships.

If the sacral chakra is overactive jealousy can become an issue. Not just over our mate, but over what others appear to have that we do not; more friends, more freedom, more luck, more chances. Jealousy is a control mechanism used against others but it also stops us from opening up and flourishing. It takes energy away from I AM and flips it to YOU ARE. Just as we have huge power to create, we also have that same power to destroy.

If the sacral chakra is underactive we become needy and clingy. We place our happiness in the hands of others and as a result we’re left left in misery. We’re hyper-sensitive, unable to express ourselves and lack creative outlets. This chakra governs the intestines, our ability to assimilate and use what nourishment we have. If it is underactive, chances are that life is full of wasted opportunities just sitting there in front of us but we can’t see them.

Physical symptoms of an imbalanced sacral chakra include problems with the womb, the lower digestive system, the spleen and the kidneys. It’s not unusual to have a chakra imbalance at some stage in our lives and the sacral chakra is probably the one that most people experience some imbalance with.

Exercising the Sacral Chakra

Understanding your relationship with your sacral chakra works best when you actively engage in an activity that harmonises it. We’ve put together some activities that you can try that will get you in touch with that energy flow and balance it. Refer back to the Fast Facts section and you’ll see that there are plenty of ways to work with your sacral chakra. Try modifying the root chakra exercises or take a look at the exercises below:

1. Dance like nobody’s watching

Intuitive dancing is one of the best, most easy ways to get your orange chakra balanced by moving your body using creative energy. Forget dance routines and trying looking good, this isn’t going to be televised!

Pick some music. Be it 70’s disco, rock ‘n roll, show tunes, R ‘n B, soul, jazz, hiphop, it doesn’t matter so long as it’s music you like.

Make a space and make some moves. Intuitive dancing is usually a private affair, especially the first time you have a go. Find a place where you can let go, move some furniture and make some room for yourself and press play. As soon as the music starts, move. Move your hands, sway, bob up and down, it really doesn’t matter what you do and yes, you will feel silly doing it, but do it anyway. Turn your attention inwards and feel the movement in your body. Visualise the music as dancing colours moving with and through you. Inhale the music. If the music has a beat, pulse along with it. Don’t let your mind direct you, let go and let your body do the dancing.

2. Answer some questions

Look at how you interact with others. Are there any areas where you could open up or let go more?

  • Do you pick your friends based on their influence on others?
  • Do you talk about others behind their backs?
  • Do you make a genuine effort to help people without thought of payback or reward?
  • Pick one person close to you and ask yourself if you’re jealous of them or happy for them?
  • If you have difficulty making friends, ask yourself why.
  • Where is your source of happiness? Is it internal or external?
  • Complete this sentence. “I am…” Give the usual dinner party answer, then start over but this time get creative and deep about your answer.

3. Get a new hobby

What creative enterprise have you always wanted to try or revisit from childhood? It’s okay, you can tell me, I won’t laugh. No matter what it is, how ridiculous or self-indulgent it seems, I insist that you give it a go — on one condition. Allow yourself to be completely terrible at it!

Too many creative endeavours get squished because of the inner critic. It’s okay to be diabolical at something. In fact I strongly encourage it. Look forward to making a laughable mess because the process of creation is like an underused muscle and if you exercise it it will get stronger.

Express yourself!

Using the Fast Facts to modify them, try the other exercises in this chakra series to balance your sacral chakra and let us know how you get on!

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