It’s Our 10th Birthday!

Celebrating 10 Years

This week marks 10 years since YogaLondon was born. To celebrate, we’ve reached out to our amazing teachers and HQ team to tell us one thing they’ve learned during their time in the YogaLondon family or in the past decade, and one hope for the future…

Rebecca, Director & Co-founder

I’ve learned that it works to do things that scare you. That it works to tell people ‘they can’. That you should not wait for 100% perfection before starting something. That everyone can be amazing if they are allowed to play to their strengths. That planning is good but being open to opportunities is often better. That people are inherently good.

My wish is to raise a glass when YogaLondon celebrates 20 years! My hope is that YogaLondon remains focused on people over anything else. The school isn’t a bricks and mortar location or a physical product. It’s something that happens when a group of people come together around a common idea.


Sandra, 200-Hour Course Leader

Two things I have learnt are that you are never done learning and, as we evolve, so does our yoga. As soon as you think you ‘know it all’ (not that I ever get to that stage) one of our amazing students asks a super question and I find that I have go and do some more research. It is fantastic because it means that we are all students on a journey of discovery, and as we change and mature so does our yoga.

One key wish for the future – that more people find their way to yoga so that it can reap the benefits in their lives. (Cheesy but true!)


Corrie, Anatomy & Asana Teacher

Having the right people around you is the most important thing in life and my hope for the future is that we continue to expand the availability of yoga and that the practice and teachings are opened up to more people, who currently feel marginalised and excluded.


Abi, 200-Hour Course Leader

Working with YogaLondon has taught me to step back, to make space in my life and see what comes about to fill it. I started as a student with the school and was guided through my training by the amazing people I’m now honoured to call friends and colleagues. I never envisaged that being a teacher trainer would be part of my journey, but my time studying and now working with YogaLondon has enabled me to see that the journey is constantly evolving, to be more at ease with change, and to coax myself out of my comfort zone with the support of my fellow teachers. I have never been as fulfilled by a job before, or worked in a role that encourages me to keep learning and growing as this one does, and enables me to share that with others.


Fra, 200-Hour Course Leader & Philosophy Teacher

Coming to train with YogaLondon has been one of the best things I have done in my life. I have learnt so much about myself, never mind yoga! Being part of the team has really helped me to find my dharma. I really look forward to continuing to learn about yoga with the students and this amazing team of like-minded yogis.


Jess, 200-Hour Course Leader & Emotional Resilience Teacher

I’ve learned that one human’s process – whether physical, emotional, spiritual or all of the above – is unique and deeply personal. A good teacher will show students where to look, but not tell them what to find.


Lucinda, 200-Hour Course Leader

Being a teacher for Yoga London has taught me about the blessings that come from being in a strong yoga community. I see the vulnerability of students when they are about to teach for the first time and how they encourage and uphold each other. The community that emerges from their connections emboldens them; their friendships and the context of the teachings enables them to expand into being more at home in their authentic selves.

The community of teachers is a gift to me in the same way; we are not always wise in our self-perception and the friendships within the team help us to peel back the layers and get closer to our true-selves.

I wish for more of this connection over the coming years.


Holly, School Administrator

I have learned that there is so much more to the world of Yoga Teacher Training than I expected!  I’m finding it super interesting learning about all of the different & unique courses YogaLondon has to offer and seeing how beneficial it is to students and their careers. I would love to also see the school expand into new cities and countries! This would be really exciting.


Gaelle, Head of Growth

What I’ve learnt (the hard way) in the past decade is that self-care is important, and it’s down to you to prioritise it. If you don’t look after yourself, you can’t be fully there to support your loved ones… And investing in your health is the most precious gift you can give yourself!

We have a great, authentic and dedicated team. My hope for the future is that we retain these rare skills and harness our expertise to further our reach and the community of people we support along their journey – in the UK, in Europe and across various areas of wellness.


India, Marketing & Outreach

My biggest takeaway from working with YogaLondon is to be open to possibilities and to trust myself!

I spent a lot of my twenties worrying about my future and trying to plan my life out as much as possible. Once I learned to let go of that I found myself in a much happier, more fulfilled and balanced place. My hope for the future is to see YogaLondon continue to expand into different areas of yoga and its sister practices, so that more students are able to find the thing they’re looking for with us.


Tabitha, Outreach

One key thing I’ve learned from my time working with YogaLondon is how incredibly rewarding it is to help people pursue their Yoga Teacher Training goals… It never gets old! My one wish for the future is simply that we continue to grow our amazing community of students, teachers and staff.



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