2015 Yoga Gift Guide: Top 10 Gifts for the Yogis in Your Life

Gift Suggestions

“He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice, trying to find out what to buy the yogi in his life…” Isn’t that how the song goes? Either way, Christmas is fast approaching and with only a few days left until D-Day, or perhaps more aptly C-Day, what do you get the yogi in your life? Read our top 10 gift guide to find out some of the things we love!

1) Skidless Towel

Any yogi will tell you, there is nothing more disruptive in Downward Facing Dog then feeling your feet slipping away from you on the mat. That’s why number one on our list is a microfiber ‘skidless’ yoga towel: prevent your loved one from sliding around this Christmas with the extra traction this towel provides. We particularly love the Yogitoes Skidless Towel which you can find on Amazon and banish yoga socks forever.

2) Vegan Chakra Chocolate Box 

You get out of your body what you put into it, right? But it’s all too easy at Christmas to get carried away with the boxes of treats, platters of pies and bowls of sweets passed around. Help satisfy your yogi’s sweet tooth with chakra choccies — an all-natural, dairy free, vegan selection of truffles each corresponding to one of the body’s energy centres. This way they can indulge and still feel energized and ready for an evening yoga session while everyone else naps on the couch!

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3) A Singing Bowl 

Show you’ve done your research with a singing bowl: used in meditation by the Buddhist’s since the 8th century BCE, these beautiful instruments are still used in some yoga classes today to help deepen the Savasana practice. Bring a little peace into your yogi’s life while helping to decorate their home — we especially love the brass versions with delicately handcrafted wooden striker.

4) Buckwheat Bolster

Better than a block, a buckwheat bolster will mould to the shape of your loved one’s body whichever posture they are in to make sure they are supported throughout their practice. Even better, because it’s filled with buckwheat it is long lasting and can hold a lot more weight without flattening. This one from YogaMatters has a soft cotton, removable cover that is sure to become a staple for your yogi — good job it’s got a handle on it so they can carry it around wherever they go!

5) A Yoga Journal

Beginning each day with intention helps us to keep a positive, focussed mind-set that in turn helps us find purpose and grow to be the best version of ourselves we can — just as in yoga. Make it easy for your yogi to combine the two with a Daily Greatness Yoga Journal. They’ll be able to map out their appointments, goals and progression with daily tools, meditation exercises and self-awareness questions. If you fancy getting more DIY you can just buy a regular journal and some nice coloured pens, and write in journalling prompts so they can have that personal touch from you all year!

6) An OM Print

Ask any yogi about the power of the OM and they will no doubt gush about the peace and gratitude they find in the OM, the universal sound that unites everything and everyone. So an OM print, like this beautiful one we found while trawling through Etsy, is a great way to help remind them of the power they can find within themselves. If you’re feeling particularly creative you could even draw or paint one yourself and frame it – it will add even more meaning to this special gift.

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7) A Magazine Subscription 

Christmas comes but once a year, but a magazine subscription will come year-round! Treat your loved one to a special treat every month with a yoga magazine subscription where they can keep up-to-date with yoga news, recipes, learn new postures and stock up on tips to impress the teacher in their next class. There are lots of different magazines to choose from so you’re sure to find one to suit your yogi, and your budget! We personally love Draze, which is a great magazine set up by a YogaLondon grad!

8) Workout Wear

The yogi in your life probably has plenty of workout wear that is comfortable but what about something with a little more, style? Sweaty Betty and Lulu Lemon are great places to pick up some colourful yoga pieces to brighten up the cold few months once Christmas has passed. Or why not inject a little humour into their practice with a “Just here for the Savasana” t-shirt from this lovely Etsy shop. They’ll be the envy of the whole studio!

Boys especially have a hard time finding yoga clothes. That’s why Zen Monkey teamed up with Ohmme in July for the Beginning Yoga-thon. Since then they’ve come up with some cool new things as well for all the brogis in your life!

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9) Jewellery

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, well beads are a yogi’s! From necklaces and bracelets made of beautiful mala beads — used for meditation and yoga practice — to silver ‘Namaste’ bracelets to remind the wearer to stay connected to the good in themselves and others, there are some great jewellery choices out there. We particularly love this silver charm bracelet (another Etsy find!).

10) A DIY Yoga Retreat in a Box

Yoga retreats, though worth the money, are expensive – so we love the idea of creating your own little yoga retreat hamper so that your loved one can recreate her own getaway at home! Pack a box with a yoga strap, some beautiful smelling yoga candles, natural snacks and maybe a book or yoga DVD. Alternatively, companies like YogiSuprise will do this for you if you don’t have the time or are unsure of what to get.

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