6 Foods That Are Unexpectedly Good For Your Skin

Skin Foods

Skin conditions are one of the most common reasons people visit the GP. If you get a breakout or any other skin abnormalities, the causes can be many. Possible causes include stress, hormone imbalance, contact with a harmful agent like a virus, UV rays or even genetics!

Despite all these factors stacked against us, diet can play a very important role in preventing many skin problems and even help get rid of them. Let’s take a look at six foods that you probably didn’t know are great for your skin.

1. Eat Chocolate

Hold up a minute — not just any type of chocolate, specifically cacao. Cacao is a seed and a fruit that can be processed into powder or tablets, and 100% cacao is filled with nutrients and antioxidants. Just one teaspoon of non-sweetened, powdered cocoa can provide you with more antioxidant power than any type of tea or red wine.

The secret lies in the high content of chemical compounds called anthocyanidin and epicatechins. Sprinkling cacao into your favourite beverage or adding it to yogurt, a smoothie or cereal can not only improve the condition of your skin but even help you prevent many diseases like skin cancer.

2. Sardines. Try Them!

Sardines are one of the thriftiest and most nutritious foods you’ll find. Thanks to their small size their mercury and heavy metal content is very low (unlike tuna) so they’re safer to eat, especially for pregnant women.

Sardines are rich in fatty acid omega-3, which helps your skin stay hydrated and prevents flaking in the winter months. Although fresh is preferable, canned sardines can be a good alternative for your budget — just avoid the ones that are high in sodium. Include a can of sardines in your next lunch and you will be eating:

  • 35% of your required Calcium
  • More than 50% of your required vitamin D to help you absorb that calcium
  • 100% of your required Cobalamin or vitamin B12, which is especially good for vegetarians who are commonly deficient.
  • A good chunk of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C!

3. Rosemary — On The Table Or In The Bath

Rosemary has astringent properties and is rich in healthy oils and minerals that are wonderful for your skin however you use it, either eaten or applied on your skin. Among the nutrients it contains are iron, calcium, and vitamins A and C. Rosemary also contains rosmarinic acid which has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiseptic properties. Sprinkle it over pasta, salads, or fish and for a little extra flavour while taking care of your skin.

4. Eggs

Eggs are one of the most complete foods you can find. They are very low in fat, high in protein and abundant in nutrients like vitamin A (especially in the yolk), which is miraculous for your skin. Eggs are also rich in selenium which can be protective against skin cancer and spots due to sun exposure or age. Try our recipe for poached egg bubble and squeak for a healthy and high-protein snack.

5. Hummus

Hummus is made with chickpeas which are low-fat, high-protein grains bursting with healthiness. Some of the nutrients it contains are molybdenum and vitamin B which can helps you rejuvenate your skin. Spread it over whole-grain bread or you can even make a paste with chickpeas to apply over your skin to reduce age spots. If you make it at home you can also try all kinds of different flavours by throwing in some extra ingredients!

6. Coffee

We’ve all heard of the great benefits of tea, but did you know that coffee can also be good for your skin? It’s great antioxidant potential can help your skin be radiant thanks to chlorogenic acid and melanoidin, which gives coffee its natural aroma. Coffee can help you fight free radicals caused by pollution and UV-rays. It can also help you increase collagen giving your skin a hydrated and smooth look. You can even use ground coffee to exfoliate your skin. Keep in mind you should drink it with moderation, and remember that it’s not a water or breakfast replacement!

Get That Healthy Glow

Diet can play a very important role in your skin’s health. Remember to drink plenty of water, fruits and vegetables and consume a diet low in refined sugars and fats for radiant skin. Try adding these foods to your diet and relax into better skin. Have you tried any other food and remedies that have made a dramatic change in your skin? Share them with us and post them below.

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