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Adaptive Success

Atha Yogānusāsanam. / Now the exposition of Yoga is being made.
~The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali

I’ve been struggling all week with how to write an opening post for this blog. How do I express everything I’ve thought and felt about this project over the past several months in one post? What cliché can I employ to share all our excitement and vision for this project? At the risk of peaking too early, I’ll tell you that I settled on the whole it-takes-a-village-to-raise-a-child theme, so that’s what you’re in for. The light bulb moment was when I told someone yesterday, ‘The website is coming out tomorrow. I feel like I’m in labour.’

Zen Monkey Mission

The Zen Monkey mission statement reads as follows:

Zen Monkey is an online conduit for yoga students and teachers to share ideas and develop a catalogue of informative, creative and fun content. As a subdivision of the successful training school YogaLondon, we are creating a community from the collection of writers and yogis we’ve mentored, worked with and been inspired by. Together, we are building a tribe that shares the tools, the inspiration and the motivation to lead a healthy, mindful and sustainable life.

Today, Zen Monkey is a collection of about twenty people (writers, tech people, image officers, administrators, graphics gurus, social media aficionados) who worked tirelessly to get this project out of the gate. We’re very excited for you to finally be able to take a look through and see what we’ve got so far. In the coming months, we have big plans to expand as a one-stop shop for yoga reference: opening new departments, bringing on new and exciting people and testing ways that technology can expand our understanding of what yoga means.

This is where you, the village, come in. It was clear to me from the very onset of this project that collaboration is the lifeblood of Zen Monkey. Without it, nothing that you will see on this website would have been possible. As such, it just makes sense to continue the trend! So, if you have an idea, a skill, a passion, or even a mild irritation – we want to hear about it! Read on to find out how…

Getting Started

So now the baby’s out, the parents are recovering and you’re all invited to come see! Please do forgive us a few technical glitches as we discover things that aren’t as they should be! If you’re not quite sure where to start, I’d recommend three things:

  1. Read An Article! You can choose from our four categories (Health, Lifestyle, Practice, Social) above, or pick something that you fancy from the home page. Most of our writers are writing columns about a particular theme, so articles like ‘The Important Difference Between Yoga and Prenatal Yoga‘ or ‘What Exactly Are The Eight Limbs Of Yoga?‘ are a great place to start for a taste of what’s coming up next!
  2. Leave A Comment! Read an article you particularly like? Have a question about one of our topics? Do you disagree with something we said entirely? Let us know! Your thoughts and knowledge are as important as ours, and we’d love to hear them!
  3. Get In Touch! You can connect with us on  Instagram, 🙂

Personally, I get a thrill every time I sit down with my cup of tea to work on this project, because everything about it is just bubbling with possibility. I’m really excited about where we are and what we can do, and it is my hope that you can feel that as well! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s help this baby grow!

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