February Yoga News Review — Yogis of All Kinds

February Yoga News Review — Yogis of All Kinds

Every month we round up all the most exciting happenings in the yoga community that you should know about or ought not to miss.

  • This month in the body-positive movement, a yogi shares her struggle with an eating disorder and how she still has to defend her right to celebrate her body and her practice.
  • Move aside G. I. Joe — Yoga Joes are here! This spin-off of the classic children’s toys is an important contribution to the ongoing dialogue of why yoga isn’t just for women. The creator of the toys said, “‘Yoga celebrates a soldiers most admirable qualities: discipline, focus, and a desire to bring peace where there is pain.”

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    Image Credit: Yoga Joes.

  • In February, attention was brought to a few young startups in Canada who are starting to make changes to their healthcare plans. This includes access to a whole host of mental health facilities, including subsidised yoga classes. Could this be something that would work here in London?
  • An Indian soldier who survived an avalanche that buried him under 25 feet of ice for nearly a week credits his yoga practice for his survival.
  • Do you like cooking? Do you like yoga? Then the retreat for you has just been launched. One yogi has just converted Julia Child’s former residence in the south of France to a holistic food and yoga retreat!
  • As the yoga culture in the West continues to climb with no signs of slowing, the Indian government has begun taking steps to protect this key part of their culture. To prevent Western copyright claims on this ancient practice they’ve started documenting 1,500 yoga poses in order to keep the practice available and accessible to everyone.
  • Iyengar yogi Jean Dawson turned 100 years old this month, proving in no uncertain terms that yoga contributes to a long and healthy life. The centenarian lit up Twitter this month as an inspiration to the rest of us to keep rolling out our mats and that no one is too old for yoga!
  • Another yogi that drew particular attention this month was Instagram yoga star Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) and her pet goat who have been posting pictures of their practice together! Although not necessarily ‘news’ per sé, no one can deny it’s pretty cute

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