March Yoga News Review: Yoga Cures Cancer?

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Every month we round up all the most exciting happenings in the yoga community that you should know about or ought not to miss.

Yoga and the Government

    • At the beginning of March, the NHS pledged to spend £600 million on yoga, zumba and mindfulness sessions for doctors and nurses in order to look after the health of our medical practitioners.
  • Similarly, a police station in Calgary is looking for a resident yoga teacher, as a way of addressing PTSD issues within their force.

  • While workplaces are inviting and embracing the effects of yoga, schools are having a harder time of it, with an outcry parents in Georgia to ban the word namaste in classes and images of students in Child’s Pose confused as a lesson in Muslim prayer (see right).
  • As part of the Indian governments ongoing attempt to lay claim and protect the cultural heritage aspect of yoga, the Quality Council of India has announced they will be certifying yoga teacher training schools as a way of standardising and ensuring quality of training.
  • The Evening Standard mused about the evolution of North London as the emerging yoga hotspot of the city. They cite Triyoga’s relocation, as well as prominent studios in Camden, Tufnell Park and Angel as evidence of the quality and density of classes in the N-postcodes.

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More March Yoga News

  • The Indian government has paired with the National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke (NPCDCS) to include the ancient health system of Ayurveda — among others — in research and treatment for these diseases.
  • An Indian government official controversially announces that a cure for cancer using yoga could be announced within the year. Health officials disagree.

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Worth a Look

  • Speaking of the Evening Standard, did you catch the article featuring YogaLondon with our course leader Rahoul speaking about men in yoga?
  • With the ongoing yoga pants craze, companies are constantly challenging just how much people are willing to spend. The latest: a company called Bandier and their $400 yoga pants, blowing more traditional companies like Lululemon and Sweaty Betty out of the water!
  • A recent interview in which Walter Mugbe talks about yoga saving his life sheds some light on the incredible work of the Africa Yoga Project.
  • Mongolian scientists dug up a mummified 200-year old monk, and many theologists suggest he’s ‘still alive’ as a result of achieving one of the highest states of meditative trance!
  • Some of you may be familiar with the photography series ‘Dancers Among Us’, and this month brought some attention to the yogi alternative: Yoga Suitra, an Instagram account whose aim is to show yogis in everyday situations.

A photo posted by Yoga Suitra (@yoga_suitra) on Feb 16, 2016 at 2:18pm PST


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