January Yoga News Review — Soldiers, Robots and Airports

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Every month we round up all the most exciting happenings in the yoga community that you should know about or ought not to miss.

  • Do you know someone, or have you ever taught anyone suffering from glaucoma? If not, glaucoma is a condition where pressure builds up behind the eye and affects the optic nerve. This month, new research was released warning teachers that any pose with the head below the heart can have devastating effects on people suffering from glaucoma. That counts out downward dog, forward folds or legs up the wall. If ever the situation presents itself, try recommending a seated yoga class, or a private class with an experienced teacher.
  • First sales clerks and now yoga teachers? The “first family robot” is equipped with the technology to teach you a yoga class, but is it an acceptable replacement for one on one attention with another human being?
  • Yoga pervaded transport news this month, with airports offering free yoga classes and various airlines offering in-flight seated yoga sequences. Is it time to add airports to the list of potential places to teach?
  • Speaking of odd spots to teach, craft breweries have also started pairing up with yoga teachers as a way of bringing yoga to brogis who wouldn’t necessarily try it otherwise.
  • The University of Ottawa raised a few eyebrows at the end of 2015 when it cancelled a free yoga class because of ‘cultural issues’. The university sacked the original teacher and hired a new teacher of Indian descent to teach the class, raising the question: “Who can teach yoga?
  • Teaching yoga as a method of rehabilitating convicts is not a new concept, but it has made a huge impact on Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea which is one of the world’s mostdangerous cities
  • 1,000 soldiers in India have been ‘drafted’ into yoga teacher training to act as a “fulcrum for spreading the knowledge at various Army units.” This is part of an initiative to address mental health and stress issues among their ranks.
  • Yoga Alliance in conjunction with Yoga Journal released their annual Yoga in America study. We’re busy analysing the 80-page document to see how the information can benefit yoga teachers in the UK.
  • Last month, many schools announced plans to add yoga and meditation to the curriculum, but this school in New York City is already showing the benefits of using these practices in the classroom.
  • There has been an ongoing dialogue the past several months about how teaching and practising yoga isn’t just for women who fit in the three smallest sizes of Lululemon yoga pants. Penningtons released a powerful video this month demonstrating that yoga can belong to anyone.

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