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YouTube is the platform that has shot people to fame in many an industry. Jenna Marbles’ career as a comedian shot off when her video How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good-Looking received international attention. Jules Clancy often creates YouTube videos to accompany the recipes on her blog. Why should the yoga industry be any different? Here are a few of the need-to-know videos featuring YouTube yogis!

1. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation

This video is about Arthur, a veteran who made many parachute jumps in the Gulf War which took a serious toll on his body. After leaving the military, he was walking on crutches and started gaining weight. A lot of weight. In the video he said he approached yoga instructors but they turned him away. Until he met DDP, otherwise known as Diamond Dallas Page, an ex-wrestler turned fitness guru. DDPYoga is a system he developed based on strength conditioning, pilates, mixed martial arts, and a smattering of Hatha Yoga too!

This video is a truly inspiring story of what human willpower can overcome and the means of getting where you want to be. While this video is less about technique than persistence, it’s very inspiring to note that if you can’t do that difficult pose today, it might be possible tomorrow. It also shows that it’s not always necessary to have a gruelling high impact workout to get the effect you want!

Type of yoga: DDP Yoga
Level: All Levels
Date posted: April 30th 2012
Number of views: 11,439,572

2. Yoga by Equinox (yes, THAT video!)

Equinox from NYC is a fitness company with a sleek brand. When this video appeared it caused quite a stir and controversy within the yoga community. What exactly was this video showing? A new range of underwear? The “perfect” yogini, named Briohny Smyth, was in their midst. The rest, as they say, is history.

See if you agree with some of the controversy it caused…

Are you wondering what’s with the underwear? Have you never done yoga in your underwear? Maybe after this video, you will? You are likely to find some parodies of this piece if you look, all of which are much more fun than queueing for the Victoria Line in Kings Cross at rush hour.

Type of yoga: Ashtanga Vinyasa
Level: All – inspiring
Date posted: May 16th 2013
Number of views: 8,878,246

3. Yoganidrasana, Both Legs Behind the Head in Ashtanga Yoga

Kino MacGregor is an international yoga teacher with many projects to her name. When she’s not travelling, she’s writing, vlogging, blogging or just recording all those incredible video clips we catch on the web.

This is a good video showing Yoganidrasana, also known as “sleepy time for yogis”! This video suffers to some degree from echo room syndrome, but it is still understandable and bearable for such a short clip. This pose is not for beginners, but it’s still loaded with tips and detail that will interest all, which probably explains the number of views. I was expecting to see a comment– “I tried this and broke my neck/leg” – I was relieved to see no such thing!

Type of yoga: Ashtanga
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Date posted: May 31st 2012
Number of views: 5,769,851

4. Reclining Splits with Kino

Kino pops up, this time with some reclining splits – just to make sure you’re paying attention!

If you’ve been looking for any yoga on the web you can’t help but find Kino. She’s there somewhere, standing on her head, or bending so far backwards you want to rush over and catch her. In this short video, we see Kino demonstrating reclining splits to full effect. There’s plenty of tips in here even if you can’t tickle your ear with your big toe!

Type of yoga: Hatha
Date posted: May 16th 2013
Number of views: 3,647,235
Level: Intermediate

5. Burn Some Calories with Yoga

Sadie shows some great ideas for slimming down, along with tips about creating a good yoga personal yoga flow.

Here is a 20 minute fat-burning yoga workout with Sadie Nardini. Some good details with hints and tips. We’re reminded while watching that this is all taking place in New York City, a feature you can’t miss as the sirens of passing police cars break into an otherwise perfect commentary. It’s all about “rocking your empowerment.” She also has some funny metaphors, such as the “Charlies Angel’s Mudra,” instead of the Kali Mudra. Besides starring in her own TV show, writing a book and her YouTube videos, Sadie is founder of Core Strength Vinyasa yoga.

Type of yoga: Ashtanga Vinyasa
Date posted: July 12th 2011
Number of views: 3,443,301
Level: Beginner to Intermediate

6. Forty Minutes for Weight Loss – Yoga Style!

This video forms part of a series by Adrienne Mishler and there seems to be lots that she can share – for every occasion in fact! Whether you’re just waking up, going to bed or needing inspiration you can find her on YouTube or her own web page. She’s both a yoga teacher and actress living in Texas.

Adrienne is more than funny with her anecdotes about dietary habits on track and field days, and the odd stealthy ninja entering her monologues! This video shows a strong session which targets the core heavily in a slow but persistent way. If you survive twelve minutes with your legs in the air, you’ll appreciate the idea of “waking up the dog!”

Type of yoga: Hatha
Date posted: 23rd January 2013
Number of views: 2,089,489
Level: Beginners

7. Twenty Minute Workout For All

Another video from Adrienne. This one is a great starting point for a yoga practice with some good hints and tips. Whilst it’s targeted to beginners, it is a good reminder of the basics for advanced yogis and is very thorough. Adrienne is easy to understand and her whole series is worth exploring.

Type of yoga: Hatha
Date posted: 17th November 2013
Number of views: 1,862,695
Level: Beginners

8. Total Body Yoga Workout!

What’s probably lacking here is a really good workout from a male perspective. This is easily resolved by a web-trip to the youtube channel of Fightmaster Yoga, with Tim Senesi. A really good mix of poses that are focused at intermediate-level students. I particularly like the arm balances!

Type of yoga: Ashtanga Vinyasa
Date posted: April 11th 2014
Number of views: 669,992
Level: Intermediate

9. Urban Yogis by Deepak Chopra

Spend three minutes watching how the power of yoga touches and transforms lives, from street dwelling youth to famous celebrities. This video is full of stories of cancer survivors, inner city youth, addicts and artists. Russell Brand, the musician Moby, Eddie Stern and Deepak Chopra all share their insights and stories.

You may want to check out the “The Chopra Well” YouTube channel for even more inspiring and thought provoking videos too!

Type of yoga: Ashtanga
Date posted: October 3rd 2012
Number of views: 160,018

10. Gymnastics Yoga by Taisiya Pavlyukova

There’s not that many views on this video (or in fact the channel itself) which is surprising! Although the video is titled “Gymnastics Yoga”, I would say that this is just a beautiful yoga practice. The impression you feel from watching the video is that she’s really exploring yoga with awareness and intent.

The entire Taisiya channel is worth a look at, from basic yoga through to pregnancy yoga. These are not instructional video clips, but they are showing what can be done when focus and patience is put into your practice.

Type of yoga: Ashtanga Vinyasa
Date posted: Aug 2, 2014
Number of views: 3,779

Over To You

That’s my round up of my favourite videos: some educational, some for fun and some verging on artistic. The question is, did I miss some? Or have you been creating your own? Let me know in the comments below!

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