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Yoga makes the heart sing

Top Ten Weird & Wonderful Yoga Classes in London

Weird wonderful yoga dog london

You’ve heard of goat yoga, naked yoga and ‘doga‘ (dog yoga). But, with the ever-rising popularity of yoga, there are even more combinations of yoga with almost anything you can think of. Although I’m a firm believer in the joys of yoga on its own without any other kind of thing thrown in, it cannot be denied that these varied yoga combos sound like they could be INCREDIBLE fun, really interesting, and just a little bit loopy.

So make this February a ‘try-something-new’ kind of month, and check out one (or all) of our top ten weird, wacky and wonderful types of yoga. Me, I’m off to Yoga Disco – just try and stop me! (more…)

Poppy Pickles

Antigravity Yoga: Asana or Acrobatics?

Antigravity or Aerial yoga

 What Is Antigravity Yoga?

Imagine a room with sumptuous silk hammocks draped from a high ceiling. In each hammock a yoga student is working through their yoga practice using the hammock to support parts or all of their body. Maybe the hammock is under the front thigh in Warrior, then under the back in Upward-facing Bow or under the hips to facilitate Downward Dog. (more…)

Sally Schofield