Continuing Professional Development

  • Recognised qualification: Recognised Yoga Alliance CPD Courses which count towards a 500-hour certification (RYT-500). Teach worldwide.
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Continuing Professional Development
It's vital to continue learning and growing as a yoga teacher, and our Continuing Professional Development Courses aim to do just that. Whether you are interested in learning about Shatkarmas and the concept of Agni, deepen your understanding of Marma points, strengthen your adjustments skills, or study the Upanishads, there is a CPD course that will broaden your learning.

A Full Weekend
Life is busy, and our courses are geared to fit even the busiest lifestyle. Our CPD courses take place entirely over one weekend, garnering 14 contact hours of learning. We will have a full day on Saturday, from 9am – 6pm, and then a shorter day on Sunday, from 9am – 4pm.

Build Up to Your 500-hour Certificate
As you increase your knowledge base with each CPD course, you’ll accrue hours that will count towards a 500-hour certificate. As each course increases your knowledge, it also increases your opportunity to certify as a RYT-500 Teacher, setting you apart from the masses. Step by step, you’ll be establishing yourself as a teacher committed to yourself and your students.

With a wide range of topics on offer, tutors for each of the CPD courses come from a diverse and endless background of experiential learning and training. They are individuals who have devoted themselves to a particular area of expertise and we are delighted to have them share their skill set with YogaLondon students.

Course Title Dates Location Teacher
Ayurveda in Daily Life January 2020
January: 4th - 5th
February: 1st - 2nd, 29thFebruary - 1stMarch
Oval Kim Kriyasagar
January 2020
Course Description:
This three-weekend course provides students with an in-depth foundation in Ayurveda - the sister science of yoga. Covering all aspects of Ayurveda, students will come away with a unique understanding of how Ayurveda compliments their yoga practice and the ability to apply Ayurvedic principles to their everyday life.

Week 1. Personalised Health - Understand the Ayurvedic paradigm of personalised health, the history and development of Ayurveda, and its foundational principles for self-care.

Week 2. Ayurvedic Anatomy and Physiology - Study the anatomical and physiological understanding of the human body from an Ayurvedic perspective and how to apply Ayurvedic anatomy/physiology concepts in daily life for optimal health.

Week 3. Daily Routines - Learn the concepts of circadian health through Ayurveda’s healthy daily routines (Dinacarya) and discuss application of these in daily life to maintain personal health and wellbeing.

Yoga for running – Running for yoga February 2020
February: 1st - 2nd
Moorgate Station Marta Simonetti
February 2020
Course Description:
This course is beneficial for runners who are also yoga practitioners, and for yoga teachers who wish to explore the movement and philosophical dynamics of running in order to offer sequences targeted for runners. Students will gain an understanding of the benefits of yoga, of running, and the relation between the two. They will discover the tools to construct both lower-body and upper-body focused sequences for strength and flexibility, either to offer in class or for their personal practice. In addition to the kinesthetic and dynamic element of teaching, this course will also outline the role and vision shared by many runners to ‘feel’ running as a moving meditation, one that can support the exploration of the concept of ‘yoga’ (union) with oneself, nature, and a higher energy.
Hidden Powers of Sanskrit February 2020
February: 15th - 16th
Bermondsey Gabriella Burnel
Experienced yogis
February 2020
Course Description:
Why learn Sanskrit? What makes this language unique? How can we learn about ourselves and the creation through the language of Sanskrit? This workshop will address these questions and explore how every word in the Sanskrit language reveals the essence of that which it describes. So if you want to discover the nature of bliss, explore the Sanskrit words which describe it; if you want to discover your inherent power, and what it means to be confident, explore the Sanskrit words that describe it. We will also become comfortable with the sounds of Sanskrit so you feel you can read with confidence; address any yoga related Sanskrit queries; delve deeper into Sanskrit terminology; enjoy the beauty and the art of the Devanagari script. So come along if you would like a therapeutic weekend featuring sounding (including chanting), art, and meditation, all centred around the conscious language that is Sanskrit.
Yoga and Post-Traumatic Growth (PTSD) March 2020
March: 21st - 22nd
Bermondsey Jess Leitch
Experienced yogis
March 2020
Course Description:
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition that can develop after exposure to extremely stressful and traumatising events. People experiencing PTSD may have symptoms such as uncontrollable bursts of anger, flashbacks or panic attacks. PTSD is not only a psychological experience, but a very physical one. Often the person suffering from PTSD will disassociate with their own body and this dramatically affects their ability to sense when they have been triggered, resulting in an inability to self-regulate. Yoga practices have been proven to reduce and relieve the symptoms of PTSD through mindful movement, breathing and improved self-awareness. This workshop will delve into the psychology, physiology, neuroscience and anatomy of PTSD. We will practice and explore the theory of simple yet effective techniques that aim to bring harmony to body-mind by rebalancing the nervous system and restoring a sense of awareness and self-compassion. This weekend is part of a series of CPD trainings centered on Building Emotional Resilience Through Yoga. Others in the series include Depression and Anxiety. These may be attended as a singular training or taken in any order. They aim to leave you feeling more confident to speak to your students about their emotional experiences while maintaining professional boundaries, and to manage overwhelm should it arise in group classes or one to one sessions.
Mastering Inversions – From Trying to Training April 2020
April: 4th - 5th
Brixton Corrie McCallum
Experienced yogis
April 2020
Course Description:
Take a systematic approach to achieving inversions in this weekend immersion. First you’ll learn strength, flexibility, agility and power exercises that help everyone build the necessary tools to fly. Next, learn how to support others physically in these poses, so that you can assist your students or learn how to practice safely at home with friends. Finally, practice breathing exercises and meditations to combat the psychological obstacles that can hold us back from “fear factor” poses and transitions. By the end of the course, everyone will leave with either a confident headstand and handstand or a clear path of how to get there. For those ready for more, we will learn some steps and training ideas for working towards or progressing forearm balances, hollow-back and one-armed inversions. By the end of the weekend, you will be able to:

- Use systematic training regimes for inversions
- Work towards headstand and handstand
- Understand the anatomy behind inversions
- Feel confident in helping others with inversions
- Have set practices to deal with mental barriers to inversions
Introduction to Yin Yoga May 2020
May: 2nd - 3rd
Monument Station Anaïs Maniaval
May 2020
Course Description:
This course is an introduction to Yin Yoga and its founding principles. It aims at making students comfortable to incorporate this style of yoga into their practice. Yoga teachers will also find it useful to be able to add a short yin sequence at the end of their classes, to help lead students towards stillness and meditation. By the end of this immersion you will have had a taste of a yin practice, understand the founding principles of yin yoga and its benefits, and have started to discover the link between yin yoga and meridians of energy.
Mindfulness Meditation May 2020
May: 9th - 10th
Oval Rosalie Dores
May 2020
Course Description:
The weekend immersion course will cover the basic principles of mindfulness meditation, its origin and philosophy. Full of exploration and guided meditation practices, this course will help you develop the skills to be able to cope with everyday life using mindfulness techniques. During the course you will learn and practice formal and informal meditation exercises that are linked to mindfulness. You will also design a simple mindfulness meditation practice, either for your personal use or to use in your yoga classes. This weekend is part of a series of CPD trainings centred on Mindfulness. Others in the series include ‘Mindfulness and Teacher-Student Relationship’ and ‘Mindfulness-Yoga’. These may be attended as a singular training or taken together in any order.
Mindfulness-Yoga June 2020
June: 6th - 7th
Brixton Rosalie Dores
June 2020
Course Description:
Much is known about the benefits of mindfulness and the benefits of yoga, but what happens when you combine the two together? Mindfulness-Yoga provides an antidote to the current fixation within the Yoga community on the fitness of the body. It invites us to reconnect with, and evoke, the essence of Yoga as a spiritual, meditative practice. In this experiential workshop we will bring together the two complimentary disciplines of Yoga and Mindfulness as a single practice. You will understand, experientially and theoretically, the foundational underpinnings of mindfulness and cultivate an embodied understanding of how these come alive within asana practice. You will be provided with the tools to integrate mindfulness into both your teaching and personal practice. This weekend is part of a series of CPD trainings centred on Mindfulness. Others in the series include ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ and ‘Mindfulness and Teacher-Student Relationship’. These may be attended as a singular training or taken together in any order.
Mindfulness and Teacher-Student Relationship July 2020
July: 11th - 12th
Clapham Rosalie Dores
July 2020
Course Description:
In this two-day workshop you will focus specific attention on the teacher-student relationship using mindfulness techniques. You will explore ‘how’ we relate by learning six Relational Mindfulness meditative guidelines. In pairs and small groups, you’ll practice these guidelines and learn how to cultivate presence, ease and deep listening in relationship with others. The result will be a growing capacity to listen deeply, both to yourself and others. During the course you will also reflect upon the various roles of the yoga teacher as outlined by Donna Farhi in Teaching Yoga: Ethics and the Teacher-Student Relationship. You will develop greater clarity with regard to your experiences and personal process of being a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Student. As a result of this enquiry you will be better informed about, and equipped to ‘hold’, the dynamics of the Yoga classroom in an ethical way. This weekend is part of a series of CPD trainings centred on Mindfulness. Others in the series include ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ and ‘Mindfulness-Yoga’. These may be attended as a singular training or taken together in any order.
Yoga for Sports August 2020
August: 1st - 2nd
Oval Corrie McCallum
August 2020
Course Description:
Yoga is a perfect practise for those who play sports, it helps to encourage balance within the body, a deeper and longer breath and strength of mind. During this workshop we will explore how to harness the power of yoga asanas, breathing and meditation practises to enhance sports performance, rehab and prehab common sporting injuries and develop a positive, strong and productive inner monologue.

Some of the topics to be explored include:

“What is the core and how can yoga help?”
“How does the yoga tradition define success?”
“Do sports people need imbalance to perform?”
“How can mindfulness enhance sporting success?”
“What is the role of the neuromyofascial web?”
“Can we think ourselves towards being more skilled?”
“How can yoga asanas be a helpful part of an exercise regime?”

Whether you are a runner, cyclist, rock climber or swimmer, whether you play ball or racquet sports, practise martial arts, crossfit or lift weights, we will learn how to marry your love of yoga with your love of sports.

This workshop will be a mixture of asana practise, anatomy and biomechanical information, group discussion and sports drills, led by Corrie McCallum, a qualified PT, Pilates and yoga teacher.