Continuing Professional Development

  • Recognised qualification: Recognised Yoga Alliance CPD Courses which count towards a 500-hour certification (RYT-500). Teach worldwide.
  • Course fees: CPD Courses £199
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Continuing Professional Development
It's vital to continue learning and growing as a yoga teacher, and our Continuing Professional Development Courses aim to do just that. Whether you are interested in learning about Shatkarmas and the concept of Agni, deepen your understanding of Marma points, strengthen your adjustments skills, or study the Upanishads, there is a CPD course that will broaden your learning.

A Full Weekend
Life is busy, and our courses are geared to fit even the busiest lifestyle. Our CPD courses take place entirely over one weekend, garnering 14 contact hours of learning. We will have a full day on Saturday, from 9am – 6pm, and then a shorter day on Sunday, from 9am – 4pm.

Build Up to Your 500-hour Certificate
As you increase your knowledge base with each CPD course, you’ll accrue hours that will count towards a 500-hour certificate. As each course increases your knowledge, it also increases your opportunity to certify as a RYT-500 Teacher, setting you apart from the masses. Step by step, you’ll be establishing yourself as a teacher committed to yourself and your students.

With a wide range of topics on offer, tutors for each of the CPD courses come from a diverse and endless background of experiential learning and training. They are individuals who have devoted themselves to a particular area of expertise and we are delighted to have them share their skill set with YogaLondon students.

Course Title Dates Location Teacher
How to Teach Restorative Yoga June 2018
June: 9th - 10th
London Bridge Lucinda Beatty
Experienced yogis
June 2018
Course Description:
Restorative yoga teaches us to slow down and prop the body so that no discomfort is experienced anywhere. Blankets are folded just-so and tucked under a tight hip, or tense shoulder; necks let go as heads settle onto the support of a bolster; eye-pillows enable the eye muscles to soften; juggling balls placed into palms send a ripple of release into the shoulders. The whole system begins to re-balance and emits a spontaneous sigh of relief.

Restorative poses are adaptations of classical poses, the support means that no energy is required to hold them and deeply-held patterns can be released. The pace is so slow you may only do four or five poses in an hour. This weekend teaches you how to set-up and prop asanas, recognise areas of tension in your students and create a script to support them to let go.

The slow pace of the weekend will naturally engender a sense of release in your own system.

You will need to bring the following equipment:
- A yoga mat or two
- 2 blankets
- 2 cushions
- 2 blocks and/or bricks
- A strap

If you have them please bring:
- Bolsters
- Eye pillows
- Juggling balls (for weight)

Introduction to Acro and Partner Yoga June 2018
June: 16th - 17th
Bermondsey Corrie McCallum
June 2018
Course Description:
Explore a more playful way to practice, which has community and connection at its core. Partner and acro yoga are wonderful ways to develop non-verbal communication and cooperative problem-solving skills. By both respecting and testing your boundaries, you will work with others to create partner stretches and strengthening moves, as well as airborne balances from the acro yoga and classic acrobatic traditions. You will be taught safe ways to spot your classmates and safe ways to fall, as well as asana themed training exercises to build up to more advanced balances. Our approach is suitable for all body shapes, sizes and ages; and there will be options for absolute beginners as well those looking for extra challenge.
Yoga and Depression June 2018
June: 23rd - 24th
Oval Jess Leitch
June 2018
Course Description:
Building on your existing yoga practice, this weekend will help you understand how depression affects the body-mind. You’ll learn simple techniques to rebuild inner strength one step at a time - cultivating the ability to manage and recover from the heaviness of depression and restoring a sense of empowerment. You will learn how yogic philosophy defines emotional unrest and discover foundational practices that can provide long-term strategies to cope with, and find relief from, what can be a life-long experience with ebbs and flows.

By the end of this weekend you will feel more confident about speaking to your students about their emotional experiences. You will also understand the limits of your capacity and when to refer to other professionals and be aware of the ‘do’s and don’ts’ when working with people who may have sensitive and complex needs.

The User’s Guide to the Chakras August 2018
August: 4th - 5th
Oval Joshua LeClair
Experienced yogis
August 2018
Course Description:
Tired of filling out the chakra system grid with the same old information? This chakras immersion weekend will break beyond the mundane and give you the tools to practically infuse the philosophy and theory of the chakra system into your yoga teaching and practice. You will learn about the origins and evolution of the chakra system, including conflicting schools of thought and contemporary manifestations of the system. After quickly surveying the qualities and characteristics of each chakra, you’ll focus on how to tangibly share them with your students; exploring techniques including mudras, mantras, different methods of meditation and storytelling to complement your existing yoga practice and teaching. This playful and thought-provoking chakra intensive will be an opportunity to delve into svadhyaya (self-inquiry) and explore the chakra system as a means to develop a more personal yoga practice for yourself and your students.
Chair Yoga August 2018
August: 11th - 12th
Oval Corrie McCallum
August 2018
Course Description:
Chair yoga is an excellent practice that makes yoga accessible to a much wider audience. From students with limited mobility or balance to deskbound lifestyles, knowledge of chair yoga can have wide ranging possible uses.

Both mornings of this intensive you will participate in a full yoga practice using chairs. You will break down the postures and analyse the sequences so that you leave with two complete chair yoga practices and the ability to create more on your own.

Alongside these physical practices, we will also spend time looking at pranayama, meditation and chanting, which are naturally therapeutic to everyone, regardless of their level of mobility.
Inclusive Sequencing December 2018
December: 15th - 16th
Oval Corrie McCallum
Experienced yogis
December 2018
Course Description:
No two bodies are the same. This immersion weekend honours this idea, by looking at how to create inclusive sequences that can accommodate all body types and abilities. You will look at common injuries and body types from the perspective of physical therapist’s rehab strategies, whilst recognising and respecting the limitations of yoga teachers and knowing when to refer students to medical professionals. Likewise, no two minds are the same. With mental unrest on the rise, you will also discuss how to be aware of this within the setting of an asana class and how sequencing can impact mindframe. Review, brainstorm and learn new modifications for popular yoga poses so you can leave the weekend with a fresh, anatomical approach to teaching and with immediate ways of welcoming students of all body shapes, sizes and levels into your classes.