Yoga Teacher’s Guide to Instagram
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The Yoga Teacher’s Guide to Instagram

We are in the throes of the age of Instagram, hashtags, and selfies. The social media craze is here and it’s not just for teenagers to showcase their latest selfie. Businesses have learned how to leverage this for themselves. Now, I’m not just talking Instagram, I’m talking all social media platforms from Facebook to LinkedIn to […]

Yoga Retreat
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8 Reasons Why Yoga Teachers NEED Retreats

Going on retreat might sound indulgent to some, but getting away and deeper into practice can work wonders for yoga teachers. Whilst it can be difficult to prise ourselves away from hard-won studio classes or a busy schedule that took time and dedication to build up, the self-investment a retreat represents can work hugely to

Diversity plan

Diversity & Inclusion action plan

OVERARCHING OBJECTIVE This action plan seeks to recognise, address and combat racial, structural and social inequality within YogaLondon. This draft will be reviewed and expanded upon as we learn, grow and receive external advice from D&I stakeholders, whom we are currently reaching out to. 1. LISTEN & EDUCATE OURSELVESAs we begin on our journey of

Yoga Walk

Get off the mat! How to Practice Yoga on your Daily Lockdown Walk

During the lockdown, we’re all allowed one walk, run, or cycle a day to get our daily exercise. This precious time of being outdoors is invaluable, especially for those that live in built-up urban areas. While on your walk, there are lots of ways that we can practice yoga, through the way that we interact

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