How Yoga Helps us Balance as we Age

How Yoga Helps us Balance as we Age

This Easter break we took our kids down to north Cornwall, to a place that I had holidayed at as a child. We went down to a bay near Bedruthan Steps and spent a happy half an hour boulder-hopping. I say ‘we’, but it was mainly the children that were springing merrily from rock to rock. My husband and I were slightly more warily maneuvering ourselves, and I realised how even with my regular yoga practice, I was less gung-ho than when I was younger.

I’m not alone. The sure-footedness that we have as children decreases with age (and practice), as our awareness of the body in space, known as proprioception, gets less and less. But what exactly is proprioception and why is it important? (more…)

Poppy Pickles

Death To Cankles: How To Avoid Painful Summer Swelling

Cankle free summer

We all get swollen ankles — or ‘cankles,’ if you will — at some point don’t we? Maybe on those hot summer days or after a long day on your feet. Some women suffer terribly when they are pregnant and other people after some types of surgery. Older people’s legs can get swollen too when they aren’t up and about as much as they would like. And the solutions? (more…)

Sally Schofield