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Cheeky Yogi Teaches for the First Time – blood, sweat and a sandwich

Cheeky Yogi Teaches for the First Time - blood, sweat and a sandwich

I had spent hours agonising over the contents of my first ever class. So many decisions.

Pranayama? Yes. Something short, but essential.

Music? Yes. A carefully crafted playlist to enhance the yoga journey.

Chanting? Yes. 1 short mantra, 3 OMs, and 3 Shantis.

As soon as I was allowed to teach yoga (half-way through my 200-hour course), I set up a 6-week beginner yoga course in my local, damp and dark village hall. Ready with my matching purple mats and yoga blocks, incense to mask the fumes, and a few electric candles (think health and safety) for ambience. I had genuinely thought of everything; even a selection of herbal teas should people mingle after class and create the epic yoga community I envisaged. I had invited a few work colleagues and friends to join me for free. I might not make a whopping profit, but at least the class wouldn’t be empty and the real punters would feel this was an actual pukka yoga class.


Death To Cankles: How To Avoid Painful Summer Swelling

Cankle free summer

We all get swollen ankles — or ‘cankles,’ if you will — at some point don’t we? Maybe on those hot summer days or after a long day on your feet. Some women suffer terribly when they are pregnant and other people after some types of surgery. Older people’s legs can get swollen too when they aren’t up and about as much as they would like. And the solutions? (more…)

Sally Schofield