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Why I Walked Out On Eckhart Tolle

Why I Walked Out On Eckhart Tolle

Picture this: the majestic Royal Festival Hall is packed with inquisitive faces, all eagerly gazing towards the stage. There’s a disproportionate number of people with dangly earrings, floaty cardigans and tie dye canvas bags. I am one of them.


10 Dirty Confessions of a Twenty-Something Yoga Teacher

The Teacher is also the Student

Teachers. In real life. Weird huh? It’s funny to me how ten years after leaving school, the thought of seeing Ms. R, my old history teacher, in Sainsbury’s still fills me with wonder. For two years she was a reasonably big part of my life, I saw her three times a week, but other than her views on the Suffragettes and the industrial revolution I knew almost nothing about her. (more…)