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Yogis And Gurus And Swamis, Oh My!

Are you doing yoga because you were inspired by some great teacher or yogi? This is the case for many yoga enthusiasts, and indeed it can be so inspirational to find out about the paths of influential yogis and yoginis who came before us, as well as those who are doing incredible work in the

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Cross Training

Swami Sivananda

Was Swami Sivananda The Most Generous Yogi That Ever Lived? Swami Sivananda Saraswati (1887-1963) is one of the great yoga teachers of our time. Throughout his lifetime he founded the Divine Life Society, the Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy, and left a rich list of publications and teachings. He is most fondly remembered as one of those

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Yoga Risk
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The Danger Of Yoga

Yoga is a practice, it is a study, it is discipline, it is a pleasure but most of all it’s a way of being. Yoga opens us in ways we never thought imaginable, usually starting with the body but ultimately opening our mind. Yoga can be intense, relaxing, strenuous, easeful. Yoga is many, many things,

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