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The Super Six: Seated Yoga for Senior Yogi’s

The Super Six: Seated Yoga for Senior Yogi's

Are you a more mature person, maybe in the autumn of your years ? Have you heard how yoga is SO good for you but wish you’d known this 10 / 20 / 30 or more years ago because then you were young enough to give it a try? And now it is surely too late because you are 50 / 60 /70 /80 years old… Wrong! It is SO not too late – in fact it is never too late to start yoga.

Actually NOW is the perfect time for you to try yoga because yoga is about movement and breath. It is about how your body responds to what you do NOT what your body looks like when you do it. So, it does not matter that you are unlikely to ever rock the iconic single leg balances. Or that you would be unwise to start with a handstand. If you can move and are still breathing then yoga is for you! (more…)

Sally Schofield

What’s The Buzz About Seated Yoga?

What's The Buzz About Seated Yoga?

Chair yoga seems to be the next in vogue at the moment! And why not when it gives you the same benefits of a pose without exerting too much stress on the body? While many people think this style of yoga has been designed for senior citizens, I would strongly object. You need to practice to know how peaceful and calming a simple sequence of chair yoga is. (more…)