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Kevin Flee
Amplifying Others Voices, Graduates, On Yoga Teaching

Interview: Kevin Flee AKA @diaryofachubbyyogi on How Yoga Rocks His World

Kevin Flee is the founder of @diaryofachubbyyogi a warts-and-all, often hilarious, Instagram account charting his yoga practice. This YogaLondon graduate is also a yoga philosophy junkie, rock and roll musician and loves to diffuse the tension in a yoga class by talking about bums and bits – it works every time. 1. What brought you […]

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Top Questions
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Answers to the TOP TEN Questions Wannabe Yoga Teachers Ask

This year hasn’t been easy, but for some, it’s provided some mental space to think about what’s really important. Family, yes. Friends, yes (but perhaps not all of them). Yoga, yes. Yoga has been a bedrock for so many people during this strange and uncertain time. Some of you may have found yourselves furloughed with

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Anniversary Celebrations
Amplifying Others Voices, Graduates, On Yoga Teaching

Interview: Deborah Bryant on being YogaLondon’s Oldest EVER Graduate

Deborah Bryant is YogaLondon’s oldest ever graduate at a sprightly 70 years old. She talks to us about why she decided to go for it after many years of thinking about it, why she would recommend the course to anyone of retirement age, and what she’s missing most about her experience.  1. Congratulations – you’re

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