On Yoga Teaching: 8 Business Tips for Teachers

On Yoga Teaching: 8 Business Tips for Teachers

This scenario might be familiar to some yoga teachers…

You’ve passed your yoga teacher training course! You’re now officially allowed to teach yoga to other people AND get paid for it! You’re euphoric and relieved! And then you realise that you now have to set up your own yoga business, and the learning from scratch starts all over again.


Poppy Pickles

Mamas in Class. Teacher’s Guide – Part II

Mamas in Class. Teacher's Guide - Part II

As a society, we give expecting mums a lot of focus. There’s pregnancy yoga, an array of body therapies, pampering sessions and baby showers. The birth itself is the spotlight. We make birth plans, go to active birth classes and everyone is really excited about the due date. (more…)

Hanna Skomra

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