How Can Yoga Make Your Skeleton Happy?

How Can Yoga Make Your Skeleton Happy?

Of the 12 systems of the body, the skeletal system is probably one of the best known. We’ve all seen X-Rays, skeletons in the doctor’s surgery and ‘spooky’ Halloween costumes. Bones are rigid and don’t generally change unless we break one, right? What is there to know about the skeletal system and yoga that could possibly be worth writing a whole article about? (more…)

Sally Schofield

6 Tips for Practising Yoga With Arthritis

Beyond Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most widespread diseases in the western world, so yoga teachers routinely find that some of their students suffer from the condition. The condition presents itself in different forms and intensities, and it is essential to know some of the basics about the condition, so that those with arthritis can be accommodated in yoga classes. (more…)