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Yoga For Lower Back Pain: It May Be As Good As Physiotherapy

Yoga may be about as good as physiotherapy for treating lower back pain, according to a new study published in a major medical journal. The results of the long-term study, which involved a large and racially diverse group of participants, come as welcome scientific support for using yoga as a therapy for back pain. Whilst

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Ana T. Forrest
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The Cheeky Yogi Listens to the Nonsense she Spouts

Everything is subjective. Yoga is highly subjective. Words are subjective. Even left and right is subjective. I know that ‘traditionally’ left is, well, on the left and right is on the other side. But if you stand in front of a mirror, then magic happens. What was left is now right. So it’s wrong, because

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Wrist Care Tips

6 Handy Hints for Happy Wrists

Our hands are amazing things. A real marvel of biomechanics, we use them to manipulate our environment; to gather information about the world around us and eloquently express our feelings. For yogis, though, they have another absolutely vital function — supporting us in our asana. But how do they do all of this and just

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How Can Yoga Make Your Skeleton Happy?

Of the 12 systems of the body, the skeletal system is probably one of the best known. We’ve all seen X-Rays, skeletons in the doctor’s surgery and ‘spooky’ Halloween costumes. Bones are rigid and don’t generally change unless we break one, right? What is there to know about the skeletal system and yoga that could possibly be

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