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Can Meditation and Tai Chi Change Your DNA??

Meditation and Tai Chi don’t just calm the mind – they seem to affect our DNA too. Evidence has emerged that these ‘mind-body practices’ reduce the activity of genes associated with inflammation – essentially reversing molecular damage caused by stress. It has been found that genes related to inflammation become less active in people practising […]

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Ayurvedic Insights

The Science Of Stretching

Yoga makes us stronger – fact. Yoga increases flexibility – also fact. But how? Going From Strength To Strength Yoga poses, or āsana, are a wonderfully effective form of strength training.  It is easy to strengthen muscles, you just need to work them harder than they are used to and they will get stronger. “Which poses build strength?” I

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How Can Yoga Make Your Skeleton Happy?

Of the 12 systems of the body, the skeletal system is probably one of the best known. We’ve all seen X-Rays, skeletons in the doctor’s surgery and ‘spooky’ Halloween costumes. Bones are rigid and don’t generally change unless we break one, right? What is there to know about the skeletal system and yoga that could possibly be

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