Doga Anxiety

Vinyasa Your Anxiety Away

Anxiety sucks. It dries out my mouth, it gives me stomach cramps and it makes me SO irritable. Anxiety affects us all differently and for different reasons, but the common denominator in this tale is, we all suffer from anxiety. What Does Anxiety Look Like? Unlike the stresses that we deal with everyday, anxiety is […]

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Healthy Living

Madeleine Shaw — 8 Tips To Living Well

Madeleine Shaw is a nutritional health coach, yoga teacher and best-selling author. Her philosophy on food is mirrored in her approach to yoga – it’s all about enlivening the hottest, happiest and healthiest you. In her new best-selling book, Get the Glow, it’s about keeping things simple and delicious so you don’t feel bored or

Shoulder Strength

5 Simple Poses to Strong Shoulders

Trying to work on your arm balances and inversions? Strong, stable, sexy shoulders are key, so we’re focussing on poses that will build them up! This week we are working on our shoulders with five simple poses that are sure to leaving you burning. If you do it right, you won’t be able to do

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Healthy Eating
Health, Self Care

How to Cosy Up for Autumn

Well, 2020 has been quite the year, but one thing that we haven’t had to complain about this year is the weather. We probably tried – we’re British after all – but it would have been unfounded because the sun has shone and shone and shone and shone. But the forecast this week says that

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Yoga prescription

How Yoga Can Help With OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder affects 1-2% of the population, and is concerned with both obsessions and compulsions. You might remember Dustin Hoffman’s Rain Man character, Raymond Babbitt, who’s OCD forced him to follow a ritualistic pattern of routine. Although an extreme example, Babbitt’s OCD governed how many fish sticks he could eat at any given time, and

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Chakra Focus
Health, Self Care, Wellbeing

How Yoga Can Boost your Emotional Resilience

This year has been tough. We have all been impacted in some way or another by the Covid-19 pandemic. You might have caught the virus, and are still recovering. You might have lost someone you love. You will almost certainly have lost business, or been furloughed, had to change the way you work or lost

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