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Lessons from the Weinstein Scandal – Yoga and #MeToo

Last month the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, one of the most powerful figures in Hollywood, was unmasked in the media as an alleged sexual predator.  As the weeks have gone by more and more women have come forward with countless allegations of sexual harassment and abuse. In response to these revelations, figures in positions of […]

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#DigitalAgeYogi — Has Social Media Changed Our Practice?

Has social media changed the way we view and do yoga? Is there something to be found in a partnership between the ancient science of yoga and the infant of social media? I’m a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to social media. I’m rubbish at tweeting, I mainly post holiday snaps on Facebook

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How one yoga teacher is inspiring everyBODY to take up yoga

Jessamyn Stanley – everyone’s favourite insta-star Jessamyn is a 29-year-old, big, black, gay, Southern American woman who stands out from the thin, white insta-yogi crowd.  She’s 100% authentic and is inspiring a new swathe of people to have the confidence to take up yoga, whatever their body shape. Here’s what makes Jessamyn special. “Hi, I’m

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