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6 Ways to be Happy and Healthy

It’s Healthy Weight Week this week, and we’re taking this as our cue to accentuate the positive about our bodies. Obsessing about our weight is a modern-day affliction. Women especially are fighting a constant battle to get to the ‘perfect’ body, through various diet and exercise plans. If we’re honest, a lot of us come […]

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Hormonal Health
Nutrition, Wellbeing

Interview: Hormonal Health Nutritionist Le’Nise Brothers on why we Need to be More Open about Periods

Canadian-born Le’Nise Brothers, mBANT, mCNHC, is a wellbeing expert, who’s lived in the UK for over twenty years. A registered nutritionist who specialises in women’s health, hormones and the menstrual cycle, she is also a YogaLondon 200-hour graduate who teaches at Frame. Le’Nise’s empowering take on period health, and her podcast ‘Period Story’, have helped

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