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Mental Health Awareness Week = How Yoga Can Reduce Stress

“If you do have the courage to speak about it, you really can make things better.” So says Prince Harry, speaking as part of a 1-minute radio message transmitted across all UK radio stations on Tuesday this week, to mark Mental Health Awareness Week (14 to 20 May 2018). Imminent groom-to-be, Prince Harry, along with […]

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Gut Support
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How Yoga can help your Gut

“Spilling your guts”, “gut instinct”, “listen to your gut” – the gut has long been linked to a deep decision-making process. Amazingly, these sayings are more than metaphors, as this complex organ literally does function as another ‘brain’ in the body. Recent research has found that there are more than 100 million brain cells in

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Stable Poses

Firm Foundations Mean Stronger Poses

A yogi’s feet work hard during any asana practice. They are our foundations in so many ways, but are you really clear what should be happening down there? Here’s a few tips to firm up yours or your students’ feet and fire up our foundations. I always think that our feet are truly the unsung heroes

Meditation Change
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Can Meditation and Tai Chi Change Your DNA??

Meditation and Tai Chi don’t just calm the mind – they seem to affect our DNA too. Evidence has emerged that these ‘mind-body practices’ reduce the activity of genes associated with inflammation – essentially reversing molecular damage caused by stress. It has been found that genes related to inflammation become less active in people practising

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Beginner’s Guide

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Yoga

There are a lot of reasons people say that yoga isn’t for them. They may say the’yre too inflexible, maybe not fit enough, a bit too old, worried about the balancing or afraid of making a fool of themselves. Well, the good news is that none of that matters! Yoga is for all shapes and

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Stretching Science
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Eight Tips for Coping with ‘Back to Normal’ Anxiety for Yoga Practitioners

‘Hooray! Yoga classes can start in person again from May 17th! Everything can go back to normal!’ This is how most yoga teachers and students are expected to be feeling. We have been told that lockdown is hard, teaching online is second best to in-person classes, and that we should all be champing at the

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