Yoga Beyond The Body: Part I

Yoga Beyond The Body: Part I
Yoga Beyond The Body: Part I
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It’s a relatively well-known fact that one of the founding Yoga texts, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, doesn’t mention much about asana. In fact, the only reference the sutras make to physical postures rather plainly states the importance of sitting comfortably.1 This might seem at odds with the plethora of physical variations of yoga now readily available. So if the physical stuff has evolved from somewhere, what’s at the beating heart of yoga? (more…)

He Lost The Use Of His Legs At 13, But Here’s What He Found Instead

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Matthew Sanford is a paraplegic and a yoga teacher, and in the crucible of his journey he has learned something we all need to hear.

When Matthew was just 13 years old he was involved in a devastating car crash on the road to his hometown of Duluth, Minnesota. The crash killed his father and older sister, and left him paralysed him from the chest down. What immediately followed this life-defining event was six months of hospital care, ranging from experiences of brutal pain, when he had a metal brace screwed into his skull, to mind-numbing boredom, waiting for his body to knit itself together again. (more…)

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