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A Guide to Hands-On Adjustments in the Post #MeToo Era

A Guide to Hands-On Adjustments in the Post #MeToo Era

There’s no doubt that hands-on adjustments in yoga have changed dramatically over the years.

Back when yoga was first being popularised in the West, there were anecdotes of teachers giving students a sharp rap with a a stick.

To get any attention from the great masters was considered a privilege and students who had the courage to protest were generally told to stop making such a fuss (in so many words).

This is not to say that all strong physical adjustments are wrong or inappropriate. But times have changed and attitudes since then have changed too, and not just in yoga. (more…)

Poppy Pickles

On Yoga Teaching: How to Cope with Student Injury

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It’s the nightmare scenario you hope you’ll never have to deal with – a student injury in one of your yoga classes. It does happen and it’s wise to think ahead as to how you would deal with that situation.

Yoga teachers are in the frontline of dealing with people who have pre-existing aches and pains. The idea is that we will help them to gradually get over injuries and improve their overall strength and flexibility. And while yoga is a pretty perfect form of all-around body conditioning, the people we teach (and we ourselves) aren’t perfect.

Sometimes injuries will occur in the class setting, and when that happens, it’s best to be prepared for how to act. (more…)

Poppy Pickles