Adam Husler

Interview With Adam Husler: Business, Teaching And Boys Of Yoga

Adam Husler is a Vinyassa and Budokon yoga teacher based in central London. You can find him teaching regularly at Yogahaven, Equinox, Yotopia, Tripspace and Stretch. With experience getting punched in the boxing ring, sweating on the ultra marathon road, channeling his inner Chuck Norris in dojos and getting lost trekking the world, his classes are always strong, creatively sequenced,

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Yogi Integrity
Coronavirus, On Yoga Teaching

Interview: Carrie Owerko on Coronavirus, Zoom stress and the Animal within

Carrie Owerko is part yoga teacher, part bio-mechanics movement scientist, part performer, and part pure energy ball. Her beautiful practice and inspiring focus on play have attracted a loyal following across a wide range of yoga methodologies. She has just launched an online platform called The Playground which is a library of pre-recorded classes as well

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Autumn Cosiness
Amplifying Others Voices, Philosophy, Social

Interview: Deepti Sastry on Cultural Appropriation and why Yoga isn’t about Asanas

Growing up in India, Dr. Deepti Sastry started yoga at the tender age of eight. She is a deeply intelligent person, and self-proclaimed ‘philosophy junkie’, whose commitment to yoga and yoga philosophy pervade her whole life. We are lucky enough to have her as the 500-hour Philosophy Module teacher here at YogaLondon, but that is

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Yoga Class
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Interview: Founder Rebecca Ffrench on YogaLondon’s TEN Year Anniversary

YogaLondon is 10 this November. We talk to our Director and Founder Rebecca Ffrench about what she’s most proud of, the birth of YogaLondon, why she’s moving away from Yoga Philosophy to learn Flamenco and cheese-making…and why YogaLondon’s courses should come with a ‘THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE’ warning! 1. Firstly, congratulations on YogaLondon’s tenth

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Trauma Therapy
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Interview: Ashley Russell On Why Being A Trauma Therapist Is So Rewarding

Ashley Russell is an experienced yoga teacher and trainer, choreographer, registered mental health nurse, and EMDR trauma therapist (recently highlighted in Prince Harry’s new documentary on mental health). He talks to YogaLondon about growing up gay in the 80s, about trauma therapy, and how yoga gave him a place to simply be a ‘body in

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Ayurveda and Self belief
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Interview: Emma Newlyn On How Ayurveda And Nature Help Our Self-belief

Emma Newlyn is a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic massage therapist, trained herbalist, wellbeing coach, and nature enthusiast. We talk to her about how she found Ayurveda, what Ayurvedic tips she’d offer to get through lockdown, and the full details of her early morning routine. 1. Where did your passion for Ayurvedic medicine come from? As well

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Teacher Toolkit
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Interview: Mark Bonington’s Top Three Tips for Yoga Teachers

Mark Bonington is the published author of ‘How to Start Teaching Yoga‘, reiki healer, barre teacher trainee, amateur opera singer, writer, social media marketing expert– is there anything he can’t do? But first and foremost he’s a passionate yoga teacher, with a lot to say! He’s also a YogaLondon graduate, so it was lovely to

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