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The Complete Beginner’s Guide To The Bhagavad Gītā

What’s this Bhagavad Gītā everyone’s talking about? Ever seen it on the shelf at your yoga studio, but never really known what it was? Read on to learn the essentials of this key yogic text. Get To Know The Gītā Name: The Bhagavad Gītā (translates as Song of the Lord)Date written: Between 400 – 200BCAuthor:

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Interview: Founder Rebecca Ffrench on YogaLondon’s TEN Year Anniversary

YogaLondon is 10 this November. We talk to our Director and Founder Rebecca Ffrench about what she’s most proud of, the birth of YogaLondon, why she’s moving away from Yoga Philosophy to learn Flamenco and cheese-making…and why YogaLondon’s courses should come with a ‘THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE’ warning! 1. Firstly, congratulations on YogaLondon’s tenth

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Explore the Purusharthas — Can We Really Have it All?

A good career, enough money, great health, a good time and spiritual fulfilment – too much to ask? Surely you can’t have it all? Well, actually, yes you can. Desire is what makes us human, and by understanding what the heart truly wants, we can uncover our soul’s deepest desires to live a well balanced

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