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Interview: Newly Qualified Yoga Teacher Jordan Crowley on Teacher Training in 2020

Jordan Crowley has just graduated as a yoga teacher on the YogaLondon 200-hour, year-long course. We asked this capable, bright Events Manager what it was like to study during a pandemic and how training to be a yoga teacher has changed her life. Oh, and we find out about her adorable new puppy Fabio, and […]

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The Yogi’s Bookshelf: Mudras For Modern Life by Swami Saradananda

How ancient gestures can boost your health, enhance your yoga and deepen your meditation. Every so often it’s fun to add a new layer to your practice. Something that takes you a little further into the yoga experience, sheds new light on familiar territory, or guides the way towards uncharted realms within. Mudras can do

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The Brain
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Yoga Literally Builds Up The Brain

New research indicates that yoga can increase the thickness of the cortex – the brain’s language and memory control centre. A recent study from Brazil has revealed evidence that regular yoga practice can help ‘train’ the brain. “In the same way as muscles, the brain develops through training”, says Elisa Kozasa of Hospital Israelita Albert

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Lovely, Lovely Lunges

Whether stepping forward in sun salutes or used as a hip opener, lunges are wonderfully versatile; lovely and accessible and a great way to strengthen the legs in preparation for other standing poses. Here’s how to really make the most of this simple pose. The Art of the Lunge Lunges may not be considered a

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