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On Yoga Teaching: How to Cope with Student Injury

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It’s the nightmare scenario you hope you’ll never have to deal with – a student injury in one of your yoga classes. It does happen and it’s wise to think ahead as to how you would deal with that situation.

Yoga teachers are in the frontline of dealing with people who have pre-existing aches and pains. The idea is that we will help them to gradually get over injuries and improve their overall strength and flexibility. And while yoga is a pretty perfect form of all-around body conditioning, the people we teach (and we ourselves) aren’t perfect.

Sometimes injuries will occur in the class setting, and when that happens, it’s best to be prepared for how to act. (more…)

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Are You Stealing from Yoga Teachers?

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We learn about cheating at school. We know copying someone else’s homework right before the lesson is wrong, but sometimes you get away with having ‘done the work’. Then, by extension, we learn about plagiarism and copyright infringement; it’s wrong to take someone else’s work and pass it off as our own.

But what’s the stance on stealing sequence and yoga lesson ideas from other teachers? Is this as bad as plagiarism and cheating? There’s no doubt about it that yogic stealing happens. One of the founding principles of yoga is asteya – or non-stealing. The third of Patanjali’s yamas, asteya is also the urge to covet what another has. We might want the charisma of another teacher, the smooth teaching style, the easy grace. But that is not ours to take. What we can take are their ideas.

So how do we sort out the ethics of yogic stealing? (more…)

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Restorative Yoga – the Lowdown

Restorative Yoga - the Lowdown

Stressed? Busy? Juggling too many balls? Trying to tick off an endless ‘to-do’ list? This seems to be most of us, especially if we’re lucky enough to live in the buzzing capital city of London.

What with work, family, a social life, and the mental load that comes with that trio, it’s easy to let this frenetic ‘get-things-done’ attitude spill over into our yoga practice – ‘Done my morning yoga practice!’ ‘Tick!’ (more…)

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Make Yoga LESS scary

Make Yoga LESS scary

Were you scared this Halloween? Whilst witches, mummies and vampires may no longer scare us (not as much as our credit card bill) they do represent the unknown darker side of life and those fears can still catch us unawares. (more…)

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Give Dad Yoga this Father’s Day – 5 Tips

Give Dad Yoga this Father's Day - 5 Tips

Get Dad into Yoga this Father’s Day – 5 Tips

I’m guessing that this Father’s Day, as usual, you’re stuck on a present. He’s either the man who has everything or the man who doesn’t want anything.  So, instead of the usual offering of craft beer, slippers or a book he’ll never read, why not give your Dad a present that will be good for both his body and mind? Yoga. (more…)

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