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First Teaching Experience
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Cheeky Yogi Teaches for the First Time – blood, sweat and a sandwich

I had spent hours agonising over the contents of my first ever class. So many decisions. Pranayama? Yes. Something short, but essential. Music? Yes. A carefully crafted playlist to enhance the yoga journey. Chanting? Yes. 1 short mantra, 3 OMs, and 3 Shantis. As soon as I was allowed to teach yoga (half-way through my

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Graduates, On Yoga Teaching

Interview: Newly Qualified Yoga Teacher Jordan Crowley on Teacher Training in 2020

Jordan Crowley has just graduated as a yoga teacher on the YogaLondon 200-hour, year-long course. We asked this capable, bright Events Manager what it was like to study during a pandemic and how training to be a yoga teacher has changed her life. Oh, and we find out about her adorable new puppy Fabio, and

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