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Interview: Jonathan Thompson on How to Heal Yourself through Yoga

Jonathan Thompson is an Ashtangi, YogaLondon 200-hour teacher trainer, and a deeply sensitive and emotionally intuitive person. Here he talks to us about the impact of his father’s early death, the mutually supportive relationship he has with his mother and how, for him, yoga, coaching, and psychology are all different sides of the same coin. […]

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Favorite Arm Poses
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4 Yoga Arm Variations We Love

Some of the simplest yoga poses can be made that little bit more special by adding in an arm variation, in the same way that a more advanced posture can give a student a little more of a challenge but adding in the same movement. Try adding some of our favourite arm variations to your

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Yoga Beyond the Body: Part II

Once we start to move beyond a purely physical practice, and come to appreciate the deeper psychological dimensions of yoga, we start to see that it’s not all about poses. Yoga is about finding a sense of awareness that connects us to ourselves and to life itself. It’s possible to have the most impressive asana

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Running Retreats Inquiry
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On Yoga Teaching: Are you ready to run a yoga retreat?

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘yoga retreat’? Do you imagine burnished blue skies, delicious vegetarian spreads and relaxed yoga sessions with a bunch of like-minded people? Or something more austere with intensive yoga sessions, time for silent contemplation and some proper headspace? Whatever you think of, it’s certainly true that

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Yoga prescription
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Yoga Should Be Taught In Schools, Says Fearne Cotton

Keen yogi and former Radio 1 presenter, Fearne Cotton regularly practises yoga with her children, four-year-old Rex, and two-year-old Honey. In addition to frequently posting snaps of them having fun on the mat together, she has called for yoga to be put on the school curriculum to help improve children’s wellbeing.She told London’s Evening Standard:

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Pose Inquiry
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Top Tips for a Truly Easy Seated Pose

When we think about a comfortable seat it is usually a version of cross legged sitting that comes to mind. But so many students find it far from easy to sit cross legged on the floor. As a foundation pose for many yoga practices, finding a comfortable seated position is vital. Come with me on a journey

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Get your Asana out of here…The Lululemon Ad campaign for Yoga

Lululemon has long been a lifestyle brand, famous for its athleisure and athletic gear. From their visual branding to the classes they hold in store, Lululemon has been synonymous with sweating your way to health and happiness in high performance, fashionable kit. The brand’s latest campaign takes a step beyond offering a lifestyle, however: now,

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