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Eat Greens
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Why Is It so Important to Eat Your Greens?

As we’ve discussed in our Eat the Rainbow column, colour can make a difference on how you feel. From enhancing your appetite to providing you with a wider range of nutrients, green is one of those colours that should always be on your plate. Chlorophylls are responsible for the green colour present in the veggies […]

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Embracing Neophilia
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The Yoga of New Things: Neophilia for Yogis

Neophilia is the love of the new. It’s not so much focused on love for brand-new, straight-out-of-the-box things, but much more on the seeking out of new experiences. Neophiles are people who love novelty, who seek the thrill of doing things they’ve never done before. And they’re not necessarily adrenaline junkies; you can be a

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