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How to Build a Yoga Community

One of the worst things about this current crisis and the lockdown, is the loneliness. Loneliness is one of the number ONE factors in deciding life expectancy and can shorten a person’s life span by around 15 years. This extraordinary fact shows how social interactions are not only pleasurable but essential for life. Part of

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Ayurvedic Insights

The Science Of Stretching

Yoga makes us stronger – fact. Yoga increases flexibility – also fact. But how? Going From Strength To Strength Yoga poses, or āsana, are a wonderfully effective form of strength training.  It is easy to strengthen muscles, you just need to work them harder than they are used to and they will get stronger. “Which poses build strength?” I

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Embracing Neophilia
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The Yoga of New Things: Neophilia for Yogis

Neophilia is the love of the new. It’s not so much focused on love for brand-new, straight-out-of-the-box things, but much more on the seeking out of new experiences. Neophiles are people who love novelty, who seek the thrill of doing things they’ve never done before. And they’re not necessarily adrenaline junkies; you can be a

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