First Teaching Experience
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Cheeky Yogi Teaches for the First Time – blood, sweat and a sandwich

I had spent hours agonising over the contents of my first ever class. So many decisions. Pranayama? Yes. Something short, but essential. Music? Yes. A carefully crafted playlist to enhance the yoga journey. Chanting? Yes. 1 short mantra, 3 OMs, and 3 Shantis. As soon as I was allowed to teach yoga (half-way through my

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Yoga prescription
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Rap and Yoga Get Together

  Despite their superficial differences, yoga and rap are proving a great partnership. For a music genre that stylistically prizes comfort while addressing themes beyond the comfortable, what could offer more sthiram sukham than gear that lends itself to the odd spiritual gangster vrschikasana? With Vogue-approved Y7 Studios in New York and California having opened

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