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7 Things A Yoga Teacher Does Before 10am

When I first began practising yoga many moons ago I used to marvel at the energy of the teacher: their sustained patience and sense of calm, their ability to entangle (or more aptly perhaps, untangle) us in an atmosphere of judgemental peace. They would float into the classroom – glowing, smiling and ethereal. What species were

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First Teaching Experience
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Cheeky Yogi Teaches for the First Time – blood, sweat and a sandwich

I had spent hours agonising over the contents of my first ever class. So many decisions. Pranayama? Yes. Something short, but essential. Music? Yes. A carefully crafted playlist to enhance the yoga journey. Chanting? Yes. 1 short mantra, 3 OMs, and 3 Shantis. As soon as I was allowed to teach yoga (half-way through my

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Supporting Emotional Students

Compassion in the Classroom: What to Do if A Student Starts to Cry

Picture this. You’re in the middle of teaching a lesson. Perhaps you’re still relatively new to teaching, maybe this is a much bigger class size than you’re usually used to, or this could just be your regular class with regular students. The class is going great, you’re in your element, when someone starts to cry.

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