Drishti Focus
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Drishti: Focusing the gaze on, well, drishti

What is drishti? Concisely, drishti is a focused gaze. We might have attempted to use it in yoga classes, especially when we’re endeavouring to balance in tree pose, but there is much more to this topic than meets the eye – or gaze. Let’s put drishti under the microscope. The Sanskrit word drishti literally means

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Kirtan Insight
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What’s the Story with Kirtan?

Yoga is a vast subject, and just when you think you know all about it, a whole new yogic practice hoves into view that you know nothing about – step forward, kirtan. So what’s the story of kirtan? Put simply, it is yogic chanting, meditation through song, or communal meditation. It is an ancient practice

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Self reflection Niyama

Svādhyāya – The Niyama of Reflection

What does feeling connected mean to you? How does this relate to your yoga practice? Read on to discover why our fourth niyama, svādhyāya, is crucial to a truly mindful practice. Say What? Svādhyāya translates roughly as self study; sva meaning self and dhyaya meaning to contemplate, or think. It’s also thought of as spiritual

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