Shoulder Understanding
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The Yoga Teacher’s Guide to the Shoulder Muscles

Our scapula, or shoulder blade, glides around on the chest wall allowing the complex movements that we use in our asana. It plays a vital role in keeping the scapula firmly fixed on the chest wall. Here is how to activate, strengthen and make the most of this important muscle in your classes. The When and […]

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Beginner’s Guide

The Yoga Teacher’s Definitive Guide to the Psoas

Aa a physiotherapist and yoga teacher, I would say without hesitation that one of the most important muscles of the body is the psoas (pronounced so-as). It is the main flexor of the hip and plays a huge role in determining whether our posture is efficient or not. It suffers from the prolonged sitting that modern life brings but

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Ayurvedic Insights

The Science Of Stretching

Yoga makes us stronger – fact. Yoga increases flexibility – also fact. But how? Going From Strength To Strength Yoga poses, or āsana, are a wonderfully effective form of strength training.  It is easy to strengthen muscles, you just need to work them harder than they are used to and they will get stronger. “Which poses build strength?” I

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