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Leave Comfort

5 Reasons To Leave The Comfort Zone Behind For Good

What’s on your list of dislikes? Pineapple on pizza, delayed trains or endless queuing? Would you go so far to say you hate those things? In this article on dveṣha, or aversion, we examine why those things that you resist might be the very things you need to embrace to find true freedom and peace. […]

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Stress Management

3 Ways To Overcome Little Fears And Tackle Greater Ones

Ever heard the expression feel the fear and do it anyway? Whether it’s a fear of a particular yoga posture or a fear of death itself, overcoming your greatest fears is an important part of your yoga journey. As a species we’re naturally adverse to things we think will hurt us. We want to keep

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Holiday Hacks

The Epidemic Of Ignorance And What Yoga Has To Do With It

What’s holding you back? Whether it’s a belief that you’re not fit enough, not strong enough, not clever enough or simply not good enough, our beliefs can limit our growth and potential and define us as something we’re not. Avidyā is one of the yogic kleśhas, usually translated to mean ignorance. The Sanskrit word ‘vidyā’

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Celebrity suicides

5 Reasons You’re Not Improving In Your Yoga Practice

Have you ever felt stuck on your yoga journey? Or got the niggling feeling that something’s getting in your way? Read on to discover the five obstacles that might be blocking your path. Road Blocks Happen In part two of the Yoga Sūtras, Patañjali introduces the concept of the five kleśhas. This chapter is considered

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5 Ways We Get Pulled Into Living In Excess (And How To Overcome Them)

What can’t you live without? Whether it’s not knowing when to say no to that last drink, eating one too many cakes, or even being attached to how you think your body should look on the yoga mat, attachment isn’t about giving up the pleasures in life, more about learning how to enjoy them. Renounce

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