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The Importance of Finding the Right Yoga Teacher

What are the important relationships in our lives? Our other halves, our parents, our children, our besties – but what about the student-teacher relationship? How important is that? According to ancient Indian culture, the relationship between a Guru and a shishya (disciple) is a very special one, even transcending the bond between parent and child,

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Lockdown Classes
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Interview: Shannen Li on how YogaLondon’s 500-hour Teacher Training got her through Lockdown

Shannen Li is a woman of many talents: a single mother to two teenage boys, lecturer in Marketing, yoga teacher, holistic therapist, and passionate green advocate. She talks to YogaLondon about her approach to motherhood, her love of Autumn, and why she has been wowed by the YogaLondon 500-hour teacher training course. 1. What do

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Help! Which Yoga Style to Practice?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the different types of yoga classes available out there?Well we’ve put together this piece for you to help demystify what all these different styles are about, by telling you about some of the key aspects of each style. Which Style Of Yoga Is For You? Before we start

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5 Unusual London Spots for Yoga

Summer is well and truly here! The sun is shining, the days are still long and relaxing and there’s that end of term feeling in the air. So while you’re in the mood for summer fun,  check out some of the more unusual places to practice yoga in the capital, and enjoy our wonderful city

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