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A Yogi’s Guide to London: May 2016

Spring is finally here! And as the weather heats up (hopefully) so does a yogi’s calendar — from events and workshops to packed out classes and open-air practices. May is a great month for yoga teachers and yoga lovers alike however sometimes it takes a little planning to ensure you don’t miss out. Whether you’re

Yogi Integrity
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The Cheeky Yogi Zooms Online

Whoever pressed the pause button on the world, could you please press play again? My first question, as a self-employed yoga teacher when Covid 19 hit the headlines, was: how can earn a living if we are in lock-down? Answer: do it online. I am a genius. No one else will think of this. Before

Christian Yoga
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Ohm my God! Christian Yoga Causes Controversy

While science has been championing the positive effects that yoga can bring to the mind and body, religion seems to be following suit, with Christians making yoga good for their souls, too. The first “Christian Yoga” emerged in a book of that title, which was published in 1960, but it has taken some decades to

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Yoga Medicine
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Yoga As Medicine?

As mental health issues become more prevalent in our fast-paced society, many UK doctors are warming up to embracing yoga as a powerfully healing modality. Has it finally been given the kudos it deserves by Western medicine? We look at the huge potential of yoga being offered as a mainstream health practice in the treatment of conditions

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