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What are yoga Props, and how to improvise them for home practice

Props are really, really great. They are SO useful to keep you safe in class and help you to move deeper into a pose than you could without them. They open up a world of possibilities for making poses more accessible AND more challenging. But let’s start from the beginning…   What ARE Props? Props

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Ana T. Forrest
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The Cheeky Yogi Listens to the Nonsense she Spouts

Everything is subjective. Yoga is highly subjective. Words are subjective. Even left and right is subjective. I know that ‘traditionally’ left is, well, on the left and right is on the other side. But if you stand in front of a mirror, then magic happens. What was left is now right. So it’s wrong, because

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Falafel Recipes
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Detox tea recipe

Did you overdo it at the grand reopening of your local over the weekend? This antioxidant-rich tea is a great energy booster, stomach settler and all-round brain revitaliser. It contains green tea for that much-needed slow release caffeine, turmeric for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, lemon and apple cider vinegar for digestion, and a dash of honey for

Yoga prescription
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Yoga Improves Brain Function and Memory

A new study brought to light by the New York Times has provided evidence that yoga has compounded benefits for people suffering with memory loss leading to Alzheimer’s by measuring brain function and memory. The study, partly funded by the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation, split 29 middle-aged and over adults into two groups: The

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February Yoga News Review — Yogis of All Kinds

Every month we round up all the most exciting happenings in the yoga community that you should know about or ought not to miss. This month in the body-positive movement, a yogi shares her struggle with an eating disorder and how she still has to defend her right to celebrate her body and her practice.

Yoga prescription

Update on our DEI action plan – December 2020

We would like to update our community about our DEI plan’s progress, challenges and next steps. OUR AIM: REFLECT LONDON’S DIVERSITY IN YOGALONDON’S COMMUNITY OF GRADUATES, STUDENTS, AND THE TEAM   WHAT WE HAVE DONE SO FAR Started training the team We took some time to reflect on the feedback from our community and to

Present Moment
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Starter Kit for Yoga Students – What to Recommend

Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit our shores life as we know it has changed. Even when we come out of lockdown, the way we practice yoga will undoubtedly be different to how it was before. And having your own yoga kit is going to be essential. Many yoga studios had already stipulated that post-lockdown all

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Meaningful Work
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YogaLondon’s Guide to Lockdown Yoga in the Capital

London is in lockdown and the once-bustling streets, shops, and cafes of our beautiful city have fallen quiet for the first time in our lifetimes. Along with a lot of other businesses, yoga studios all over the capital have had to shut up shop for now too. But out of adversity comes creativity, and many

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