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Shoulder Strength

5 Simple Poses to Strong Shoulders

Trying to work on your arm balances and inversions? Strong, stable, sexy shoulders are key, so we’re focussing on poses that will build them up! This week we are working on our shoulders with five simple poses that are sure to leaving you burning. If you do it right, you won’t be able to do […]

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Lockdown Classes
Amplifying Others Voices, Department, Graduates, On Yoga Teaching

Interview: Shannen Li on how YogaLondon’s 500-hour Teacher Training got her through Lockdown

Shannen Li is a woman of many talents: a single mother to two teenage boys, lecturer in Marketing, yoga teacher, holistic therapist, and passionate green advocate. She talks to YogaLondon about her approach to motherhood, her love of Autumn, and why she has been wowed by the YogaLondon 500-hour teacher training course. 1. What do

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Self reflection Niyama

Svādhyāya – The Niyama of Reflection

What does feeling connected mean to you? How does this relate to your yoga practice? Read on to discover why our fourth niyama, svādhyāya, is crucial to a truly mindful practice. Say What? Svādhyāya translates roughly as self study; sva meaning self and dhyaya meaning to contemplate, or think. It’s also thought of as spiritual

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