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This Valentine’s Day Make it All About the HEART

Valentines about heart wooden

Valentine’s Day is the one day in the year set aside to celebrate romantic love. And boy oh boy, do we need some reasons to be happy at the moment. Politically, things are looking gloomy, but that’s all the more reason for looking to the ones we love and getting all joyful about them. On Valentine’s Day we celebrate our heart’s beloved and shower them with cards and gifts, or even better, are on the receiving end of all the cards and gifts. And the emblem of all this romantic love – sent billions of times as a heart emoticon? The good old heart. (more…)

Poppy Pickles

Explore the Purusharthas — Can We Really Have it All?

Explore the Purusharthas — Can We Really Have it All?

A good career, enough money, great health, a good time and spiritual fulfilment – too much to ask? Surely you can’t have it all?

Well, actually, yes you can. Desire is what makes us human, and by understanding what the heart truly wants, we can uncover our soul’s deepest desires to live a well balanced and happy life. We hear so often in yoga circles that attachment to desire is bad, that wanting things is not very “yogic”, and that we’re supposed to be living a life of unattached bliss. What if I was to tell you that all your desires — a good job, wealth and health, pleasure and spiritual fulfilment — were part of your spiritual journey? (more…)