Teaching Pitfalls
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6 Teaching Cues To Avoid in Your Classes

All teachers have their own strengths, their own vocabulary and their own ways of creating sequences — and so will students. Lots of people will ‘shop around’ with different yoga classes in the same way we would do when purchasing an expensive item — we want to find a teacher who will help us grow, […]

Mysuru Knowledge
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If you know Yoga, then you NEED to know Mysuru

On June 21, Indian yogis made international headlines when 54,101 of them practiced together on Mysuru’s Race Course to celebrate International Yoga Day for the third time. Whilst it didn’t quite make a world record, it has put Mysuru on the yoga map for more yogis than ever before. Where is Mysuru? Mysuru, otherwise known

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Meaning Check

Is This Meaningful Enough?

I have always been a creative person: as a child I loved writing, designing board games and dunking my fingers into paint (to the delight of my mother and the dismay of my father). As I grew up, I still loved these things, but a second feeling had developed alongside my love of creativity and

Mula Bandha
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How to Keep Your Sequencing Fresh

The art of sequencing your yoga classes is to make them work for both your students and you, the teacher. As yoga teachers we give of ourselves, and often those that are drawn to teaching yoga are those who naturally want to share and help others. However, this can come at a cost to your

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